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The second annual Gullies Awards - And your winners are...

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted in the 2020 edition of The Gullies. I know the NFL Honors is today but this is the Seahawks Honors show, if you will.

There were eight categories available for voting and while most of the winners were clear-cut from the start, there’s one player in particular who came away with the most awards overall.

Without further ado, here are the 2020 Gullies winners!

Offensive Player of the Year

Winner: DK Metcalf (43%)

Runner-up: Russell Wilson (24%)

Third: Duane Brown (17%)

Defensive Player of the Year

Winner - KJ Wright (31%)

Runner-up: Bobby Wagner (23%)

Third: Jamal Adams (23%)

Rookie of the Year

Winner: Damien Lewis (78%)

Runner-up: Jordyn Brooks (17%)

Third: Alton Robinson (3%)

Special Teams Player of the Year

Winner: Jason Myers (67%)

Runner-up: Michael Dickson (29%)

Third: Nick Bellore (2%)

Offensive Play of the Year

Winner: DK Metcalf’s game-winning touchdown vs. Vikings (25%)

Runner-up: Tyler Lockett’s 4th quarter, 4th down touchdown at Cardinals (23%)

Third: David Moore’s improbable touchdown vs. Patriots (23%)

Defensive Play of the Year

Winner: DK Metcalf goes from offense to defense, heroically denies Budda Baker a Cardinals touchdown (51%)

Runner-up: Cam Newton stopped at the goal-line to preserve Seahawks win vs. Patriots (28%)

Third: Jordyn Brooks denies Malcolm Brown on 4th and goal vs. Rams (10%)

Special Teams Play of the Year

Winner: Jason Myers’ 61-yard field goal at Rams (63%)

Runner-up: Cody Barton’s big hit forces Dante Pettis to fumble vs. 49ers (15%)

Third: Ryan Neal’s blocked punt leads to safety vs. Giants (14%)

Win of the Year

Winner: 20-9 vs. Rams to clinch NFC West title (48%)

Runners-up (tied with identical vote total: 27-26 vs. Vikings to remain undefeated (20%), 28-21 vs. Cardinals to avoid three-game losing streak (20%)

If you have issue with Metcalf’s defensive play not really being defense then I understand but I will not waver despite the NFL’s official rules. You know how commentators say a wide receiver is “playing defense” whenever a bad pass that should be intercepted is knocked away from a defender? DK Metcalf was on offense, then he had to deny a scoring play by tackling Budda Baker, aka defending his own end zone aka “playing defense.” As a result he wins three Gullies awards to go with his Rookie of the Year honor from last season.

That’s it for this year’s Gullies! We’ll see you back here next year and ideally it’s not before the Super Bowl, because the Seahawks will be playing in that game.