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With no combine, a look at the Pro Day schedule

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Normally this time of year sees the NFL Network covered in highlights of the underwear Olympics in Indianapolis as draft eligible college football players come together for the Combine to be looked over, prodded, evaluated and interviewed by teams. This season, of course, the combine is off due to the ongoing pandemic, meaning that fans will have to await the athletic testing results from Pro Days held on campuses across the country for the players they are most excited to see.

With the calendar flipping to March Monday, it means the legal tampering period is set to being in just two weeks, free agency officially starts two weeks from Wednesday and the 2021 NFL Draft is eight and a half weeks away. The Seattle Seahawks, of course, don’t currently hold a pick on the first day of the draft, so many Hawks fans may see Friday, April 30 as the first day of the draft for the team.

In any case, here is where fans can expect Seahawks scouts to be in the coming weeks, though why a team would waste resources scouting players after this coming Friday is a mystery.

So, while there isn’t a combine this year and draft season will be unique due to both spring football and the limited amount of tape on some prospects from the fall, draft season is just around the corner, and things are about to get interesting.