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2021 NFL Draft: As expected, no compensatory picks for Seahawks

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are light on draft picks thanks to a few trades made in recent years, and they won’t be gaining any picks through the compensatory system in 2021.

Now in fairness, this was expected. Not only did I literally write that in the headline (you read the headline, right?) but our very own John P. Gilbert had this all laid out almost a full year ago.

Thanks to the Jamal Adams trade, the Seahawks have neither a first-rounder or a third-rounder in this year’s draft. Now there’s been some weirdness over the official draft order but Wikipedia says that the Seahawks don’t have a 6th rounder as I initially believed and had previously written. How foolish of me to forget that they traded the 2021 sixth-rounder for Miami’s 2020 seventh-rounder so that they could get current Carolina Panthers TE/DE Stephen Sullivan.

So here’s the current draft order for the Seahawks now that the comp picks have been handed out.

Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Picks

1st Round: N/A

2nd Round: 56th overall

3rd Round: N/A

4th Round: 129th overall

5th Round: 167th overall

7th Round: 234th overall, 249th overall

The NFL Draft is April 29th-May 1st. In theory, you could just join our coverage on April 30th but in the event the Seahawks actually trade Russell Wilson, then Seattle will have first-round involvement after all. I know, I don’t want to think about it either.