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Robert Turbin is the latest NFL veteran set to make his Fan Controlled Football debut

The former Seahawks running back joined the Field Gulls podcast to talk about his return to pro football

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San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

After sitting out the 2020 NFL season, former Seattle Seahawks running back Robert Turbin says he is not done with football.

“I feel like I still have some game left in me that I can contribute to an NFL team,” said Turbin.

He joined the latest episode of the Field Gulls podcast and said one thing going against him when it comes to getting back into the NFL is having some recent tape. After dislocating his shoulder in 2018 while playing for the Indianapolis Colts, he returned to the Seahawks in 2019 along with Marshawn Lynch, but Turbin was limited to just two offensive snaps in three games and no carries.

He says this new opportunity with Fan Controlled Football (FCF) gives him a chance to put on pads again and compete.

The first round of the FCF playoffs kicks off this Saturday. Turbin had to move quickly just to get on the practice field for the first time this week and avoid going through the league’s COVID testing protocols. He said when Lynch said he could get Turbin into the lineup for the Beasts (the team co-owned by Lynch), he was on a plane in about 24 hours.

Lynch and Turbin aren’t the only former Seahawks involved in the FCF. Josh Gordon played his first game this past weekend and caught the game-winning touchdown to hand the Beasts their first loss of the season. Richard Sherman is the co-owner of the Glacier Boyz, who the Beasts are set to play in the first round of the playoffs.

During the show, he also talks about just how close his relationship is with Russell Wilson. Turbin also responded to the notion of whether or not Russell Wilson threw his offensive line under the bus with some of his recent comments in the media.

“It’s not like he came out and said, ‘My offensive line doesn’t block. My offensive line sucks. We need to get better at the offensive line. We need to bring in some reinforcements on the offensive line.’ He didn’t say any of those things,” said Turbin.

Turbin pointed to the idea that everyone needed to be better. A sentiment in line with what Wilson said in his interview with Dan Patrick.

“We all turn on the same film on Monday morning and we’re seeing the pressures. Dan Patrick talked about the numbers. They don’t lie. We’re all seeing the same statistics.” said Turbin. “So what bus? There is no bus. It doesn’t exist. The stats exist. The tape exists.”

Listen to the full show to hear about how he was a big Barry Sanders fan growing up, and why he passed up on the opportunity to wear number 20 in favor of number 22. His preferred number, 33, was being worn by Leon Washington when he was drafted by Seattle in 2012. Turbin shared a story about how when he was younger he wanted to be “the first Hall of Fame player” to wear the number 33. In response, his coach punished him by making him wear a fullback number.

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