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Report: Shaquill Griffin departing for Jacksonville

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have been quiet so far in free agency, but Monday watched a pair of offensive free agents in Phillip Dorsett and Carlos Hyde agree to join the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, on Tuesday one of the team’s bigger defensive free agents agreed to terms with the Jags as well.

Shaquill Griffin is from Florida originally, having grown up in St. Petersburg and played his college football at the University of Central Florida in the Orlando area. This leaves the Seahawks with a little more than a day to make a decision on how to address Shaquem Griffin, and should the team opt not to extend one of the restricted free agent tender offers available by 4 PM New York Time Wednesday, Shaquem would become an unrestricted free agent also able to sign with the Jaguars.

Whether or not Shaquem winds up in Jacksonville, back with the Seahawks or somewhere else remains to be seen, but Shaquill’s departure marks the first of the four free agents from the 2017 draft class to leave Seattle.