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Best option at running back, Chris Carson not snatched up quickly

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are making moves!

After a typically unbearable start to free agency, the Seahawks added a Shane Waldron-familiar TE in Gerald Everett and a offensive line upgrade in Gabe Jackson.

But many of the largest questions remained in-house, and we can add the silence surrounding Chris Carson as another positive sign.

Once Aaron Jones re-signed with the Green Bay Packers, it left Carson as the best option at RB. Media is trying to drum up the hype, but the NFL teams themselves do not seem to be following, which is good news.

Yet besides an un-materialized rumor from the New England Patriots, the Carson news has been quiet.

Yes, it’s that time of year when the tweets come for free and have a tendency to lower one’s IQ. But “it’s a fluid situation” is the same as saying the level of both interest and dollars will not immediately price Seattle out of this conversation.

Unlike several notable positions, playing under Pete Carroll is a home field advantage for running back. Carson knows he’ll get the ball, and he knows coach believes in him so long as he doesn’t fumble.

If teams are concerned about Carson’s inability to finish a complete season, it bodes well for him to sign a shorter deal and try to compile consecutive full seasons.

Furthermore, since the initial reported interest in Carson from the New England, the Patriots continued their spending frenzy, signing more players, including LB Kyle Van Noy on a deal up to $13.5 million. They’re beginning to run out and slow down, and no further rumors have been leaked on that front.

The quietness is not a guarantee. However, the team made a conscious decision - and I think the right one - regarding one of their own in Shaquill Griffin. Hopefully both the lack of interest and the team passing on Griffin’s $14 million mean things can come together, as I don’t see any remotely good option for Seattle if Carson leaves, beyond you know, praying a bunch that Rashaad Penny is actually good.