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The Seahawks are using every dollar

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

As the NFL enters the third calendar day of its new league year and the chaotic yet exciting “first wave” of free agent signings begins to ebb, we can all start to catch our breath.

Well, all of us except for the accountants that work for one of the six teams that are somehow already over the cap . . .

  • Los Angeles Rams: $18,747,665 over the cap
  • Philadelphia: $11,965,022 over
  • Chicago: $7,590,072 over
  • Green Bay: $3,600,973 over
  • Atlanta: $2,272,796 over
  • New Orleans: $1,296,771 over

Source: OverTheCap (OTC)

Now, on the one hand, I am impressed that the Saints were able to shed some $70M since January, were able to get under the cap by 4pm EST on Wednesday, and are now “only” $1.3M over the cap.

On the other hand, I really sort of wonder what the purpose of having a cap is when the L.A. Rams can be nearly $20M over the cap not even 36 hours after the league year starts.

Someday maybe someone can explain that to me.

For now though, I just want to draw attention to the awesome work of the Seattle Seahawks who have signed a number of players (and traded for another one) and are still on the RIGHT SIDE of the salary cap.

I would also like to draw attention to how close to the cap they are because they are currently using just about every last dollar available to them to build out the roster.

Here’s the full list of teams that are under the cap and how much they’re under the cap by:

  • Seattle: $426,987
  • Arizona: $624,869
  • Buffalo: $1,520,625
  • Houston: $2,681,553
  • Pittsburgh: $2,960,086
  • Kansas City: $3,042,505
  • New York Giants: $5,272,994
  • Oakland Las Vegas: $7,719,430
  • Minnesota: $8,694,209
  • Tampa Bay: $9,018,733
  • New England: $10,692,241
  • Detroit: $10,947,115
  • Dallas: $11,675,232
  • Miami: $12,479,326
  • Baltimore: $12,493,950
  • San Francisco: $12,838,127
  • Cincinnati: $14,094,630
  • Cleveland: $15,130,244
  • Tennessee: $15,671,416
  • Washington: $21,207,995
  • San Diego Los Angeles Chargers: $27,967,474
  • Denver: $29,130,284
  • Carolina: $32,386,344
  • New York Jets: $34,076,833
  • Indianapolis: $36,778,614
  • Jacksonville: $44,365,285

Now the question becomes, how are the Seahawks going to afford to be able to do anything else?

Because they’re definitely not done - right?