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Report: Seahawks fielding calls from teams interested in Russell Wilson

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS SAN FRANCISCO 49ers Lui Kit Wong/Tacoma News Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

There has been no shortage of drama drummed up in the media since the end of the 2020 NFL season when it comes to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Reports emerged earlier in the offseason that the greatest quarterback in franchise history was unhappy with the style of play preferred by head coach Pete Carroll, and that while he hadn’t demanded a trade, he was open to a trade to a specific set of teams.

Whether it’s all drummed up drama in the offseason because of unhappiness, or whether there is actually fire that is causing the smoke remains anyone’s guess at this point. However, a report Thursday indicates that no matter how likely it is that Wilson will be under center for Week 1 of the 2021 season, the Hawks are at least willing to listen when other teams call.

So, the Seahawks are not actively looking to unload the only quarterback in franchise history who has actually led the team to victory in the Super Bowl, but if the right trade package hits their desk, they are apparently willing to listen. That idea, of course, leads directly into the question of what exactly willing to listen means, but at the end of the day if they are willing to listen it means the possibility, no matter how small, exists they would trade their quarterback.

Whether this is simply the team following its natural course of action by at least exploring every possible option when it comes to potentially improving the roster, or whether this represents a shift in strategy to the point where the team is actually considering moving on from Wilson can be debated until everyone is blue in the face. However, what is known is that nobody will know anything until something actually happens, and as of right now there’s a whole lot of talk and no actual news beyond reports that John Schneider hasn’t hung up the phone on other teams when they call.

The above tweet from Dianna Russini was to clarify Dov Kleiman’s characterization of what she had to say. So, for those who wish to see what was said for themselves, here is the video.