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Podcast: Talking Seahawks potential salary cap casualties on the Locker Room app

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With a 2021 salary cap lower than the previous season, NFL teams are having to make some tough decisions heading into free agency. This afternoon at 4pm PT, Clinton Bonner and I will be broadcasting via the Locker Room app for our latest live episode of 3 IN, 3 OUT and discussing six current Seahawks who may or may not make the cut ahead of the new league year.

During the first part of the show, we’ll trade off between our keepers and our cuts. One caveat to this discussion is that there are no contract restructures. They’ll either be “in” or “out.” After we share our thoughts, we’ll want to hear from you. Raise your hand inside the app to be brought into the discussion or post something to the comment section here and listen in live.

From your phone, go to and follow my account there so you can be alerted when we go live. The app is only available on iOS, so grab your iPhone or iPad and join in!