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Sam’s Film Room: If Seahawks trade Russell Wilson, Zach Wilson could be a great replacement

Nobody wants to trade Russell Wilson. I would never support trading Russell Wilson. He is objectively a Top 5 quarterback and through the first half of the 2020 season, he was the best quarterback in the entire NFL according to Pro Football Focus. While this may be the case, the rumors of him wanting to be traded are certainly unsettling. In this video breakdown, I wanted to look at the case where if Russell Wilson was traded to another team - say the New York Jets - who the Seattle Seahawks should take to replace him. In my opinion, if they could grab BYU’s Zach Wilson, he could be a great replacement for Russell Wilson and a perfect fit in Shane Waldron’s offense.

For those that don’t know Zach Wilson, he was BYU’s quarterback this past season. He finished the season with a 73.5 percent completion rate, 11 yards per attempt, 33 touchdowns, and only 3 fumbles. Wilson was the model for big plays combined with excellent decision-making. Plus his upside with his ability to create off-script really stood out to me on film.

Due to Zach Wilson’s meteoric rise from a relatively unknown prospect to where is now, I think it will take a Top 3 pick in order to select him. I mentioned the New York Jets in the introduction and at #2 overall that is roughly where I see him going. I know Russell Wilson “wants” to play for the Chicago Bears, but they simply don’t have the draft capital to get the Seahawks high enough to pick a great quarterback like Zach Wilson. Again, I’m certainly not advocating the Seahawks trade him, but if they did, you could do a lot worse than Zach Wilson on a rookie contract in Shane Waldron’s offense.

This video is almost 9 minutes long. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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