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Former Seahawks C Justin Britt has found a new home

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

For weeks the focal point of any discussion regarding the Seattle Seahawks has been Russell Wilson and whether he would be back in 2020, or if the unthinkable would happen and he would be traded elsewhere. However, while that has taken the attention of fans, in a Friday news dump, the center from whom Wilson has received more snaps than any other during his career shared on social media that he had found a new home for the 2021 season.

For those who recall, Justin Britt tore his ACL early in the Week 8 matchup between the Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons in 2019, and then spent the 2020 season out of football. Because he was released with a failed physical designation after the draft last spring, Britt likely qualified for Article 45 Injury Protection payment of $1.2M. That means he would have been able to continue his rehab at home with his wife and children, while not missing out on a at least earning something.

For those curious as to what the terms of a 2021 contract for a 2016 Pro Bowl alternate offensive lineman who sat out 2020 could look like, those numbers have been reported as well.

So, it’s what appears to be a fairly reasonable contract, with Britt set to make $3.2M in 2021, but with incentives that could push his total earnings up to $5M. Britt appears the likely front runner to take over for Nick Martin, whose release by the Houston Texans last week saved $6.2M against the 2021 cap.