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If you were John and Pete (Part One)

A new FTR series that uses YOUR opinion to construct the Seahawks’ 2021 roster

President Obama Hosts Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks At The White House Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The 12s have spoken and it seems pretty clear that y’all are glad that I am not the Seahawks’ general manager.

Yes, I am referring to my 9-part “If I were John and Pete” series that concluded a couple weeks ago.

No, I am not going to going to continue to beat the drum(s) that I beat in that series.

Yes, I am doing another series.

And, yes, this series is also going to have nine parts. (it’s a symmetry thing; one of my many personality quirks)

THIS series is focused on you though - what would YOU do in regard to present, roster-related decisions that the team needs to make?

My role is merely that of a discussion guide (for the installments that ask for your opinion) and as a messenger (for the installments that deliver “results”).

Most of the installments will be short and quick - well, short for FTR articles, at any rate.

Also, the entire 9-part series should conclude before free agency officially starts on March 17th. (yes, that means 9 articles in 9 days)

An overview of the series

  • Part One - Introduction, overview, and first poll
  • Part Two - Cap casualties and pending free agents - who stays and who goes?
  • Part Three - What would you do with your franchise quarterback?
  • Part Four - Seattle’s other offensive players- who do the Seahawks keep, trade, and/or extend?
  • Part Five - Seahawks defenders - well, some of them anyway *
  • Part Six - Pre-free agency roster update based on your decisions (i.e. survey results + comment summaries), plus positional priorities for free agency and the draft
  • Part Seven - Free agency - which players from other teams would Seattle pursue if you were John and Pete?
  • Part Eight - The NFL Draft - which picks does Seattle have (based on your decisions) + how should the Seahawks use them?
  • Part Nine - Meet your 2021 Seattle Seahawks (if YOU were John and Pete)

It it wasn’t clear from the bold italicizing, this series is about Y-O-U, the 12s, collectively, and what you would do if you were John and Pete.

The “Rules”

The rules are there ain’t no rules!

It’s your team; you can do what you want.

As a group.

NOTE: Decisions will be poll-based which means the option with the most votes when the poll closes is what the team chooses to do (in relation to this series).

If there’s a tie then I’ll ask Mookie to be the tie-breaker.


Eagle-eyed observers probably noticed the asterisk next to Part Five in the series outline.

The reason for that is because one defensive player is not going to be included in that installment (except in terms of what y’all decided to do with him), because he is the subject of the first poll.

I am, of course, referring to Mr. Jamal Lee Adams and his current contract situation; his perceived value to the team; and his reported / rumored / expected / presumed “salary demands”.

To quickly summarize the situation:

  • Jamal Adams is currently on the Seahawks’ books with a $9.86M cap hit in 2021 due to the Jets exercising his 5th-year option before trading him to Seattle.
  • In Part Five of the previous series, I suggested a 4-year, $66M extension that, when added to his existing contract, would keep Jamal Adams in Seattle through 2025 at a total cost of $75.86M over 5 years.
  • Some 12s feel that the team should “move on” from Mr. Adams and try to recoup at least 1 of the 2 first round picks (and more) that Seattle gave up for him last offseason.

And now, without further ado . . . the first poll:

If YOU were John and Pete, what would you do in regard to Jamal Adams?


If YOU were John and Pete, would you:

This poll is closed

  • 21%
    Trade Jamal Adams for a 2022 first-round draft pick;
    (234 votes)
  • 57%
    Sign Jamal Adams to the proposed 4-year, $66M extension; or
    (627 votes)
  • 20%
    Kick the can down the road (again), have him play 2021 on the 5th-year option, and worry about what to do long-term NEXT offseason?
    (226 votes)
1087 votes total Vote Now

NOTE: The poll closes at 10pm PST (so the results can be included in Part Two).