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Aaron Donald bar fight saga ends with video proving his innocence

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

On April 14th, a Pittsburgh man (Wearing a Washington State Jersey... wait no that's a sweatshirt?) said that Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald and his friends jumped him after he bumped into the future Hall of Famer, and he subsequently pressed assault charges.

This story hits close to home, as someone who attended Aaron Donald’s alma mater of the University of Pittsburgh and has also spent plenty of time in the South Side of Pittsburgh, where the alleged assault by Donald and Co. occurred. For those unfamiliar, Pat McAfee, a fellow Pittsburgher himself, gave a perfect explanation of the area with the most bars per capita in the United States on the Pat McAfee Show.

Now the saga, at least as it pertains to the Seattle Seahawks rival Aaron Donald, has come to a close. Security footage came out showing the assumed Washington State fan DeVincent Spriggs getting beaten up in the street by many people, but not Donald. In fact, Donald pops into the video briefly but clearly appears to try and help get people off of Spriggs before he himself is held back by someone thinking that Donald was also a part of the assault.

Spriggs’ attorney said this, as an apology to Donald, “I wanted to make this statement public. And to extend for what he’s gone through, but I clearly know this was not him.”

The investigation is still ongoing but no charges have been filed against anyone. We know that Aaron Donald won’t be facing any charges.