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NFL considering loosening jersey number rules

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

According to an article from Pro Football Talk, the NFL owners will vote soon on a proposal to loosen the strict jersey number by positions rule. The main implication of this proposal is that it would allow a new group of players to wear single-digit numbers in addition to kickers, punters, and quarterbacks.

The proposal would allow running backs, fullbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, linebackers, and defensive backs to wear any number from 1-49, and for the aforementioned offensive positions, they could also wear 80-89. It changes nothing for all other positions, like QB’s who would still only wear 1-19 or offensive linemen who would still only wear 50-79.

The article also mentions that linebackers would have the option of wearing 1-49 and doesn't mention if they can still wear 50-59. Of course, the number 54 will be retired in a few years by the Seattle Seahawks as Bobby Wagner has donned it since 2012 so it would be interesting to figure that out.

Some notable Seahawks this could affect are players who wore single-digit numbers in college, like Jordyn Brooks who wore #1 at Texas Tech and DJ Reed, who wore #2 at Kansas State.