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Aldon Smith’s Seahawks contract details revealed

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

While it’s impossible to ignore what was reported on Monday - i.e. that there is an arrest warrant for him in Louisiana, Aldon Smith is currently still on the Seattle Seahawks roster.

As such, some of us are still interested in what his contract with Seattle entails.

There’s no word (yet) on any incentives, but OverTheCap has now published the other relevant information.

No big surprise . . . it’s a Veteran Minimum deal that qualifies for the Veteran Salary Benefit.

  • Length: 1-year
  • Base salary: $990,000
  • Signing bonus: $137,500
  • Cap hit: $987,500

Presumably, the signing bonus was guaranteed. Presumably, there is probably a mechanism for the Seahawks getting it back (or at least getting some of it back) if they end up releasing him in the coming days (or weeks), based on his latest incident.

If not, the $137,500 cap hit certainly won’t keep the Hawks from cutting ties if that’s what their “internal investigation” concludes they should do.

In the meantime, Aldon Smith’s contract is another example of the front office “killing it” this offseason - even if the signing itself doesn’t work out.