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Highlights from Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s pre-draft press conference

NFL: Combine
John Schneider speaks to the press at the NFL Combine in 2020.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a press conference intended to cover the impending NFL Draft Wednesday afternoon, Pete Carroll and John Schneider touched on a number key events of the Seahawks’ offseason so far. Although the two insisted that the process of team-building was never truly complete, they were both clearly satisfied with the free-agent acquisitions they have made so far in 2021.

The acquisition who has most recently made headlines is DE Aldon Smith, who was charged with second-degree battery in the New Orleans area last week. Schneider said the team did its research on Smith and his time with the Cowboys last season, and ultimately decided to give him a chance based on that research. Smith has also been involved in DUI and domestic violence cases in the past, and Schneider said that the team carefully uncovered information about these incidents as well.

One potential free-agent signing that Seahawks fans may still be hoping for is LB K.J. Wright. Carroll said he had a productive sit-down with Wright recently.

Carroll also hinted that the Seahawks could be bringing back Wright and/or other key veterans in the coming days and weeks.

For the next few days, the Seahawks front office will also be focusing on the draft, where they have an unusually small number of selections. The two joked about where they would be during Thursday night’s first round, and said that they were extremely happy with Jamal Adams being their “first-round pick.”

While the Seahawks are almost certain to trade for more selections in the draft, the fact that they were willing to give up so many picks in trades certainly merits some discussion. Schneider said giving up so much draft capital was no accident.

And finally, the biggest story of the offseason for Seattle was the Russell Wilson trade saga. Schneider addressed the rumors head-on.

For now, the team seems committed to Russell’s long-term future with the franchise, and Carroll dispelled any rumors of discord within the locker room or between Wilson and the staff throughout the press conference.