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Jarran Reed cost more than Poona Ford, Al Woods and Bryan Mone combined

NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jarran Reed is out, while Poona Ford, Al Woods and Bryan Mone will get to run at Matthew Stafford twice this year.

See the thing is Ford, Woods, and Mone all have “O’s” in their name and Reed does not, undoubtedly the real issue that led to the parting of ways last month.

But truthfully we haven’t spent much time talking about the Seattle Seahawks’ two biggest departures this year in Reed and Shaquill Griffin.

So let’s discuss.

Reed was very expensive, very good, though noticeably less good over the previous two seasons, and really not anything special if we average the four seasons besides 2018 and compare. Reed was drastically less effective as the best threat on the line, and had an uptick in production comparable to the rest of the line when Carlos Dunlap came to town.

Reed is 28 years old and held a $13.5 million cap hit this year because one time he got a bunch of sacks and the Seahawks got greedy.

Do not do this anymore, Seahawks.

Here are the cap hits this year after John Schneider’s MasterClass of something called “void years”, a thing I am looking into regarding my mortgage:

Michael Shawn Dugar was correct on the Woods guess, at two and a half.

  • Jarran Reed original 2021: $13.5 million
  • Woods / Ford / Mone 2021: $5.85 million

“But [expletive Field Gulls idiot], three guys can’t play at the same time and this is what Seattle tries to do with the offensive line and it sucks so stop writing.”

True, but admittedly the DL is quite a bit different in their rotational play, for one.

Last year Jarran Reed had 5 tackles for loss, 14 QB hits, and 6.5 sacks last year. He did that playing an average of 51 snaps per game.

Poona Ford meanwhile had 8 tackles for loss, 9 QB hits and 2.0 sacks as the primary run stuffer. While playing 37 snaps per game.

Ford’s play time will increase, which is good. Mone is fine, and Woods is...well frankly nobody has any idea but that’s not important. Here’s what’s important.

Schneider did not choose three players over Reed, he chose four.

Kerry Hyder brings his 8.5 sacks and ability to play multiple positions along the line, filling in probably three of the four spots this season at times. He’s at $1.9 million this season which is absurd.

  • Jarran Reed original 2021: $13.5 million
  • Woods / Ford / Mone / Hyder 2021: $7.75 million

But that’s still not what we’re talking about!

This is pointless to compare Reed’s mythical Seahawks contract that doesn’t exist. Here’s the actualized 2021 compensation:

  • Jarran Reed actual 2021: $5.5 million
  • Ford / Mone / Hyder (two starters and first DT on the depth chart) 2021: $5.35 million

This is not like last year when they signed B.J. Finney and Chance Warmack and I’m sure three other great humans instead of Jack Conklin. This is multiple quality players, including high-level starters, instead of one inconsistent lineman.

Reed will likely have good numbers this year, playing in between Frank Clark and Chris Jones. Someone will make a Twitter account just to vent their seller’s remorse. But it was not a contract that Seattle could afford, and what they did in its stead will undoubtedly keep them competitive.