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John Schneider confirms Seahawks tried to trade 56th pick but deal fell apart

NFL Combine - Day 2

You’re probably wondering why the Seattle Seahawks unexpectedly stayed at 56th overall on Friday night when they have just three picks and that was clearly the pick to use for trading down. Well Seattle tried, it just didn’t happen.

Now if you’re so minded, you can believe that the team the Seahawks were afraid of losing D’Wayne Eskridge to was the Los Angeles Rams. They had the 57th pick and ended up taking Louisville wide receiver Tutu Atwell. In fact Eskridge slipped up during his media call saying the Rams called him. Perhaps he misspoke but that seems notable.

Getting back to the lack of a trade down, this is two years in a row that Schneider has said a deal was in place but then got nixed right at the end. This happened when Seattle remained at 27th in the 2020 Draft and surprised everyone by both not trading down and then taking Texas Tech linebacker Jordyn Brooks.

As of this article’s publish we’re a few minutes away from Seattle being on the clock at 129th overall so we’ll see if they trade down in this instance or if they really are just going to have three picks.