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Watch the highlights for new Seahawks tackle Stone Forsythe

South Carolina vs Florida Photo by Evan Lapek/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The surprises keep coming, as the Seattle Seahawks ended up swinging a deal with Ryan Pace after all and traded up to draft Florida tackle Stone Forsythe with the 208th pick in the draft. As you can see, Stone is an imposing player on the field, practically jumping out of the film at a towering 6’9”. But how does he look in action?

Leading up to the draft, Forsythe was predicted to go as high as the 3rd round. Apparently, the Seahawks had seen him slide far enough and decided to make a move. As we have seen in the past, Carroll and Schneider haven’t been afraid to make bold moves for players with a ton of upside and unique physical traits. Forsythe definitely fits this bill.

He has a powerful anchor and knows how to use his massive frame to his advantage. In spite of his size, he is more of a pass blocking technician than a rumbling run blocker, which should help to ease some concerns over the Seahawks’ efforts to address the pass pro during the offseason. The Draft Network projects that Stone will be best suited for a developmental role in a pass heavy offense. He has experience playing on both sides, and should have time to sit behind one of the league’s best in Duane Brown while he acclimates to the NFL.

Stone Forsythe will be their final selection in the 2021 NFL draft. Go ‘Hawks!