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Seahawks 2021 schedule release: Rumors, leaks, Seahawks info, NFL news, updates

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Read full 2021 Seahawks schedule here!

The 2021 NFL regular season schedule is set to be released on Wednesday, May 12th at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Because the NFL likes to make everything a gigantic spectacle, all of the Week 1 games will be revealed at 8 AM ET/5 AM PT across NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS so if you absolutely want to know the first Seattle Seahawks game of the new season, rise and shine! You can watch the schedule release on ESPN and NFL Network but... why? I mean seriously?

This post contains everything from rumored dates and times across the league, any pertinent Seahawks news, strength-of-schedule, and more. When the complete Seahawks schedule is out, that will come in a separate article.

Seahawks Opponents 2021


Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams

Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

New Orleans Saints


Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Washington Football Team

Pittsburgh Steelers

Seahawks strength-of-schedule ranking

Seattle has the joint 11th toughest strength of schedule. Last year it was tied for 13th and they ended up playing a historically bad NFC East, the New York Jets, and Atlanta Falcons, so it’s not like it played out as anything especially daunting.

Seahawks confirmations, rumors, and leaks

Report: Seahawks at WFT on Week 12’s MNF

Report: Seahawks vs. Rams on TNF, Week 5

Seahawks will host Saints on MNF, October 25th (Week 7)

Seattle will open the 2021 season on the road against the Indianapolis Colts.

At least one unconfirmed report has the Seahawks hosting the Bears during the holiday season.

NFL schedule confirmations, rumors, and leaks

Report: Giants at Chiefs on MNF, Week 8

Report: Bears at Steelers on MNF, Week 9

Two Eagles primetime games reported

Two London games: Jets-Falcons. Dolphins-Jaguars

Jets schedule

Patriots schedule

Full 2021 Week 1 schedule

Bears vs. Rams on Sunday Night Football, Week 1