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Seahawks’ 2021 schedule filled with quarterback questions

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have their quarterback, regardless of what Colin Cowherd or anybody else on that doomed thought train believes.

Russell Wilson is not going anywhere. Not now, not next year, not to the Chicago Bears, not in a trade.

The Seahawks 2021 opponents, however, are not so fortunate.

Seattle faces an absurdly uncertain quarterback schedule this year, even more so than normal thanks to a drama-filled offseason.

It’s a pretty challenging schedule by win percentage of last year. However, there are significant and unsolved questions for many of the opponents’ passers this season, which will be really interesting to see played out.

The quarterbacks of certainty that Seattle will face:

  • Kirk Cousins, Week 3
  • Matt Stafford, Week 5
  • Kyler Murray, Week 11
  • Matt Stafford, Week 15
  • Jared Goff, Week 17
  • Kyler Murray, Week 18 (still weird)
  • Tempted to put Jimmy Garoppolo, Week 4, here as well. You know what it’s the offseason let’s go ahead and put in Jimmy G Week 4

I can read a depth chart and you are wrong, sir

I am not saying these are the only quarterbacks Seattle will certainly face. I am saying these are the only quarterbacks with which Seattle will face with any certainty.

See the difference? No? Here’s what I mean

Week 1, Carson Wentz

Who is he this year, and will any of that be figured out by the opening week? I say a very resounding no. Even if Wentz bounces back to top-of-the-line form, I have very little reason to believe he would do it in the first game with his new team against a defense that has owned him. Wentz did exactly two good things against the Seahawks last year apart from the final minute of the game when the defense stopped playing. His interception to Quandre Diggs as the only guy on camera simply highlighted how problematic Wentz had become.

Resurrection in Indy? Very possible. Week 1? Not a chance. They’ll run the ball a lot.

Week 2, Ryan Tannehill

Obviously they will play Tannehill, but it’s often hard to tell which one shows up any given Sunday. Last year, Tannehill had two different three-game stretches in which he posted ratings of 145, 40, and 103, as well as 145, 78, 129.

Can be great, could be terrible.

Week 4, Jimmy Garoppolo

I am assuming he’ll be the starter this week. I am not assuming that at the end of the year.

Week 6, Ben Roethlisberger

Last year, Roethlisberger had only thrown an interception in two of the first nine games. Then the tenth really just hit different, as he threw interceptions for the rest of the season and effectiveness walked right off the very old cliff. How long will Big Ben hold up this year before the arm strength fails him this time?

Week 7, ???

Is it Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill and do we really care?

Week 8, Trevor Lawrence

We’re assuming the number one overall pick will be playing. However, Darrell Bevell and Brian Schottenheimer trying to scheme a rookie into success against the Seahawks defense just sounds like my favorite kind of Halloween party to go to.

Week 10, I’ll take overly dramatic toxic quarterbacks for 1000

Aaron Rodgers is a piece of work and I hope he’s traded by this point just to get through the first playoff round watch two franchises stumble over themselves this year.

Week 12, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Unless of course he’s coming off a 320-3-0 game and the coach decides it’s time to “see what we’ve got” in whatever young project that continues the bewildering campaign that is Fitzmagic’s career.

Week 13, The Niners

At this point, San Francisco will be evaluating constantly, if they have not made a decision already. Trey Lance and his number three status will only sit for so long if Garoppolo makes any amount of game-costing overthrows. If the 49ers are completely out it, or if they’re close, and it’s in spite of Jimmy G, he’ll be playing here.

Week 14, The team formerly known as Deshaun Watson’s

As of this writing ESPN put an article up an hour ago that the legal talks are very much in contention. Watson has not been released by the team and I won’t even begin to speculate what happens with him this year. It is the furthest thing from a done deal that he’ll play this week or even this season.

Week 16, The team that gave Andy Dalton $10 million and then traded up for Mitchell Trubisky 2.0

Look, who cares? This will be utterly enjoyable. Whether Dalton or Justin Fields plays, the broadcast will be about the Chicago Bears and their woeful history with quarterbacks and that’s always fun.

At the end of the day, it’s a whole slew of good teams with interesting storylines up top and the schedule could swing either way as far as overall difficulty.

Looking forward to it!