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Quandre Diggs has a new jersey number in mind

Iowa State v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Quandre Diggs is still listed as No. 37 on the Seattle Seahawks roster, but that may change soon.

Under the new NFL rules, multiple positions can now wear single digits. Diggs set his sights on No. 6 a couple weeks back.

Backup quarterback Alex McGough - under investigation for assault - has held the number to date. As a Pro Bowl safety, Diggs easily has the clout to repurpose the number if McGough remains on the roster.

Now, it the move towards a number change is starting to look more likely. In addition to his earlier declaration, Diggs responded to a fan’s custom jersey creation with ringing endorsement.

Diggs wore No. 6 in college for the University of Texas, and appears quite excited for the future. More than a few players have spent the offseason speaking their approval of the new jersey rules.

It would be an interesting sight if the Seahawks roll out the 2021 season with a WR at No. 1, QB at No. 3, and a safety at No. 6. One can imagine the buyout for single digits in the future could become exorbitant.