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Results of the 2021 Field Gulls Armchair GM Draft Challenge (finally!)

2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Photo by Senior Bowl/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The end of May is quickly approaching, meaning the slowest of the slow period for the NFL offseason has almost arrived. Teams across the league have largely assembled their rosters for the upcoming season, and this includes the addition by teams of players in the 2021 NFL Draft.

For the Seattle Seahawks, the 2021 draft brought just three new players to the team, which led to an Armchair GM Challenge that saw significantly fewer entries than in years past. In addition, because of the small size of the Seattle draft class this year, there were just 22 entrants who guessed at at least one selection correctly, and just two entrants who predicted more than one draftee correctly.

Of the three draft picks the team made, the number of entries that guessed each player’s selection is as follows:

  • D’Wayne Eskridge: 15
  • Tre Brown: 1
  • Stone Forsythe: 8

Since there were so few entrants who were able to correctly predict the selections of the Hawks, the 22 users who did score are, in order of point total, as follows:

lgfp: 50
Michael Dickson for MVP: 31
Siegelhawk: 30
Hercules: 29
Scot04: 28
mcmooper: 28
Rob.Ridge4: 28
membrillohawk: 26
seahawkdroog: 22
SeattleStar13: 22
Thehawksfatherpart12: 21
Uncle Teddy: 21
AlienBob: 21
Kill Bill 1: 21
Popsemeraldcity: 19
SoTacoma: 18
Largentium: 18
Coleslaw: 16
Sirlinj: 16
Toji G: 16
Are These They?: 12
TimChiro: 12

Every entrant not listed above finished tied for last with zero correct selections.

Now, with rookie minicamp in the book and OTAs slated to start next week, it’s time for fans to begin overanalyzing all the coach speak that comes out of practice and camp regarding the Hall of Fame potential for the three new rookies.