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Five moves we could (still) expect the Seahawks to make this offseason

NFL: DEC 30 Cardinals at Seahawks Photo by Joseph Weiser/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Like many 12s, my mind tends to wander during the slow part of the offseason. Some years, that means turning my attention to the Mariners and their perpetual courtship with a .500 record. This year, given my new gig as a contributor on this here site, I find myself obsessing over roster moves, potential roster moves, salary cap machinations, PFF grades, scouting reports, highlight clips, and . . . well, anything else that I can find that’s even remotely related to football and my beloved Seahawks.

A few days ago, I came across a Sportsnaut article that was titled “5 big moves we can still expect during the NFL offseason”. For those that don’t want to click on the link and/or spend time reading the article, here’s their list:

Aside from thinking, “Please, no,” in regard to the 2nd item on their list, my collective reaction was basically a big YAWN. There’s really nothing new there that I (and you) haven’t read on a hundred other sites.

But the article did get me thinking about five moves that we could still expect (hope) to see from the Seahawks over the remainder of the offseason.

Move #1: Sign Jamal Adams to an extension.

Aside from finally silencing the debate(s) about whether we’ll keep him or trade him, tag him or extend him, or . . . whatever, this would also (potentially) provide some cap relief in 2021. As I’ve written about a number of times, a contract extension for Adams could both “reset the market” and lower his 2021 cap hit by about $3M - maybe more, depending on the overall structure.

Move #2: Extend Duane Brown - or at least add some void years to his contract.

Yes, his age is an issue. Yes, the Seahawks will want to “protect” themselves in case Father Time finally succeeds in running him down. But none of that really changes the dynamics here.

Converting $8.9M of Duane Brown’s 2021 base salary to a signing bonus would drop his cap hit in 2021 by about $6M if it were part of a 2-year, $20M extension (which is something I’ve suggested in the past). Simply adding 2 void years would yield the same result (minus the commitment).

And, in theory, the Hawks (or Brown) could still decide to “move on” after the season without it negatively affecting either party if they talk about that possibility during negotiations.

Move #3: Add a veteran outside corner.

Richard Sherman appears to be the popular pick here - both among the 12s and with the national media. Stephon Gilmore might be the better bet. There are, of course, other corners who could also make sense - either as free agents or (potentially) via a trade.

Move #4: Add a veteran center.

Honestly, this move isn’t about Ethan Pocic. No, this move is about the guys behind Pocic and the “quality” of the Seahawks roster at the Center position overall.

Let’s look at the depth chart over the past 9(ish) months:

  • Final cuts, 2020: Pocic >> Fuller >> Finney
  • Week 17, 2020: Pocic >> Fuller >> Lundblade
  • Currently: Pocic >> Fuller >> Lundblade


Note: I’m not forgetting about Pier-Olivier Lestage, I’m just capping the depth chart at 3 players and ignoring a UDFA who never took a snap at Center in college.

Move #5: Add another tackle - on BOTH sides of the ball.

Technically, this is two moves.

And, yep, that’s all I’m going to say about it today. Not because this is the beginning of a 9-part series, but because I’ve already got an article about this specific topic queued and ready to go.

Potential moves that didn’t make my top 5 (or 6) . . .

One. Messing with the contracts of Russell Wilson and/or Bobby Wagner.

As with Move #5, I have some thoughts on this that I’ll share in a future article. The super short version though is that it won’t surprise me if the Hawks don’t touch either contract this offseason and thus this doesn’t make the cut.

Two. Bringing back KJ Wright.

As a 12, I wanted to include this - like really, really, REALLY wanted to include it. I just couldn’t. Not at this point. After the coaching staff gets a nice, long look at Darrell Taylor as “the new Bruce Irvin” - aka a hybrid SAM/LEO? Sure. But not right now. And even later on, I’m not so sure, so ... it missed the cut.