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Seahawks live Q&A: Would you want John Schneider to trade for Julio Jones?

Join us Wednesday evening on Locker Room at 5pm PT

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NFL: OCT 27 Seahawks at Falcons

On Monday, it became clear to the sports world that Julio Jones wants out of Atlanta. It’s no longer speculation—it came straight from his mouth when he admitted it on live television.

Last season, the Seattle Seahawks added a receiving weapon from an NFC South team by signing former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen in free agency. After drafting a wide receiver in the second round and adding multiple undrafted free agents at the position, the message from John Schneider and Pete Carroll appears to be that they want competition behind Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

What would it take for the Falcons to part with him and would it even make sense for Seattle to make the deal? I definitely have a price in mind that I’d be willing to accept. However, if you can’t tell from the clearly unscientific poll below, my co-host for this evening’s show may have already made up his mind.

Join us live on the Locker Room app Friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. PT to talk about the potential of trading for Julio Jones. If you can’t make it, leave your thoughts in the comment section below and we can bring them up during the conversation.

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