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Seahawks rookies D’Wayne Eskridge and Tre Brown already engaged in trash talk

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 04 Western Michigan at Akron Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today’s NFL rookies still have to earn their stripes, but the environment has changed over the years. The new blood is absolutely allowed to come in talking a big game; they simply have to prove it when the time comes or be harshly discredited.

No longer a rookie, but remember Juju Smith-Schuster?

Seattle Seahawks top pick D’Wayne Eskridge already has a priceless quote throwing subtle shade.

Eskridge is a very, very fast receiver, but he apparently gains a lot from watching those...less gifted than himself.

Enter subtle jab at our very favorite Adam Thielen:

It’s polite, even contains a bit of a compliment, but he called Thielen slow four times and I’m all about this.

Tre Brown’s quote is even better because it involves a current teammate.

During his pro day, the fourth-round cornerback (who is short) had some things he needed to get off his chest about silencing any critics.

If we get any footage out of training camp this year, I’m sure Brown will have more than a few opportunities to go against DK Metcalf in the coming months.

I do not envy that first encounter when Brown will presumably value his own life and recant the whole “I’m faster” bit, but I am excited aplenty to see how he shows against one of the best in the league.

Be careful what you wish for, and welcome to Seattle!