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DK Metcalf to participate in 100 meters at USATF Golden Games track meet

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

DK Metcalf has decided to take his talents from the football field to the track this offseason. According to a tweet from USATF (USA Track and Field), the Seattle Seahawks speedster will be racing in the USATF Golden Games which will be live at 1:30 PM PT on NBC this Sunday (May 9).

In the video posted by DK, which was then quote tweeted by USATF, he appears to be promoting his participation in the race as some sort of publicity stunt for his cleats sponsor Under Armour. The video from the Tweet is simply just Metcalf dropping his Under Armour track shoes onto a track and the screen flashes “May 9th.”

According to NBC Sports, Metcalf will be participating in the 100 meters, however, it is unknown if DK is doing this solely as a publicity stunt for Under Armour, or if he is genuinely trying to qualify for the US Olympic trials which are set to take place in June.

I have no idea or analysis of how he will do, as it is unfair to use his NFL Combine 40 yard dash time since this is 100 meters and two years later, or his 100-yard sprint last season when he saved a pick-six against the Arizona Cardinals since he was in full pads and in a totally different scenario. However, the NBC Sports article referenced above says that he will have to finish with a time of just over 10 seconds to qualify for the Olympic Trials, and I would never doubt DK Metcalf’s speed or his training regimen.