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Video: DK Metcalf finishes last but runs 10.37 seconds in competitive 100m race

Screenshot from NBC broadcast

Well as expected, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf was unable to qualify for the 100 meter final at Sunday’s USATF Golden Games event in California, but he did not embarrass himself out there.

Placed in Lane 2 in what was clearly the tougher of the two heats, Metcalf got off to a fair start against the likes of Mike Rodgers (10.11 secs), CJ Ujah (10.11 secs), and heat winner Cravon Gillespie (10.11 secs), but he could not keep up with the world-class, natural sprinters in the end and finished last at a time of 10.37 seconds. He needed 10.05 to automatically qualify for the Olympics and that was realistically impossible, but for a man of his size and total inexperience as a sprinter? That is not a shameful time.

Watch the video below, and note how comically larger Metcalf is compared to the much more slender, shorter, sprinter-friendly frames of the rest of the field.

Metcalf hung in there through 50 meters and had a quality drive phase but he did not have that big finish needed to qualify for the final, which ultimately required a time of 10.21 seconds. Over the two heats he finished 15th out of 17 runners, and his reaction time to the gun was second-slowest in his heat.

NBC analyst and former 200m world champion Ato Boldon said DK did a “phenomenal job” and thought he’d run 10.5 or 10.6 before the race. Obviously 10.36 doesn’t get you anywhere near the Olympics or a World Championships but keep in mind that he’s not a lifelong track athlete. Tyreek Hill and Jamaal Charles were already outstanding youth track stars before going to the NFL, something Metcalf did not have. Neither one of them is also 6’4” and 230 lbs.

Here’s what Metcalf had to say after the race:

And now it’s off to minicamp.

So you got your glimpse of NFL speed vs. elite track speed and Metcalf didn’t injure himself or false start into an instant DQ. I consider this a job well done, DK!