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Key quotes and highlights from Pete Carroll’s Tuesday minicamp presser

Seattle Seahawks v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Seahawks made it through their first mandatory minicamp session on Tuesday, and the media had a chance to speak with Pete immediately after in the prerequisite day one press conference. Read on for the highlights, replete with Carroll’s trademark brand of vague positivity and positive superlatives, along with a surprise photobombing from the supposedly embattled tandem of quarterback Russell Wilson and GM John Schneider.

Injuries, non-football issues, and other reasons for absences

Carroll started by clarifying that all players currently not participating are out with excused absences for various reasons, and all are expected to be present for training camp. While the injuries are worth monitoring, Carroll indicated that players are progressing well and nothing sounds overly concerning at this point.

Russell Wilson, contract talks, and Rashaad Penny

After an offseason where Russell Wilson trade speculation reached a fever pitch, the team’s franchise QB made a brief and unexpected (but expectantly awkward) cameo a few minutes into the press conference — along with team GM John Schneider — to make an important announcement. Carroll clarified that contract talks with Jamal Adams are taking place and apparently going smoothly thus far, and, similarly, veteran Left Tackle Duane Brown and the Seahawks have mutual interest in getting a new deal done. Rashaad Penny had a minor procedure on his knee, but hopefully wont miss much time as a result and should see the field at training camp.

Tight End group looking strong

Pete Carroll sounded overwhelmingly positive when speaking about the Tight End group. Will Dissly is reportedly looking great in his first healthy offseason after a couple years where he was rehabbing from season ending injuries well beyond this point, calling the difference “night and day.” Gerald Everett is bringing some unique capabilities to the team and should see playing time at multiple positions. Worthy of note, when speaking about Everett, Carroll made reference to Gerald being a “ willing blocker in our scheme, as we’ve seen through/in the Rams’ program,” which could be hinting at the changes that the team is expecting Waldron to make to the offense in the coming season. Of course, Pete may have simply been referring to Everett’s willingness as a blocker, but I found it worth mentioning either way.

Other notes and final thoughts

  • Sounds like Marquise Blair is doing well in his rehab, with Pete saying “[Quise] is tough, he’s smart, he’s fast, he’s flexible... not 100% yet... but he’s plenty good enough to be practicing and working.” Carroll went on to say that he is in better shape physically this year than he was last year, so hopefully things continue to look up for the dynamic third year defensive back.
  • Carroll responded to questions about the covid vaccine and how life is looking inside the VMAC, saying that the Hawks are “right in the the pack of the teams... a couple numbers away from being in the top echelon of having as many guys as anybody in the league,” adding that “two weeks from Friday... [will be the time] to start the process if you are going to make it by camp.” He clarified that some players are waiting to get the vaccine until they have “more info,” but that they expect to be doing well. He did say that they plan to have certain protocols for unvaccinated players — such as mandatory quarantines after close contact — that will not apply to vaccinated players.
  • When asked about the rookies, Carroll said he was particularly impressed with Stone Forsythe, highlight his experience as a three year player at Florida. D’Wayne Eskridge is sidelined with a toe injury, but his “early work... looks totally legit to be a competive aspect of this team... he can do everything.” Tre Brown has been competive, and Jon Rhattigan (UDFA linebacker from Army) has great leadership and has played well so far as a Mike backer.
  • With regards to Jamal Adams, Pete Carroll clarified that the Safety is still rehabbing his shoulder and fingers after surgery, and apparently thinks the fingers may be the more problematic injury at this point, saying “fingers, they’re so delicate... it’s a process. He’s doing a marvelous job and we’re not worried about it at all, it just takes some time to get it right.”
  • Robert Nkemdiche is “applying himself” and has a “second chance on his football life” with the Seahawks, and is “going to be a factor.” So there’s that.