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Madden NFL 22 gameplay will give the Seahawks unique home field advantages

NFL: DEC 22 Cardinals at Seahawks Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Seahawks Stadium Qwest Field CenturyLink Field Lumen Field has long established itself as one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. If some stadiums are difficult because of playing surface and/or weather, the home of the Seattle Seahawks is often a daunting place for the opposition because of the loudness of the 67,000+ fans in attendance.

In this year’s edition of the Madden NFL video game series, playing in Seattle will have some unique advantages during gameplay. I’m going to let the folks at IGN explain it because it’s not like I have early access to anything. This applies to all 32 teams but this is Field Gulls and it’s not like you care about the advantages the Detroit Lions receive.

Now, away teams forced to play in notoriously difficult stadiums like Lumen Field will see their playart wave dangerously, with some of their receiver buttons hidden. EA is calling such features “M-Factors” — special advantages enjoyed by all 32 teams that will activate depending on the momentum of the game. Yes, even the Chargers, notorious for having more away fans than home fans in their stands, will gain an offensive boost if they are doing particularly well at home.


Gameday Momentum refers to a meter that swings to one side or another depending on the flow of the game, with perks being unlocked for the home team when they are playing well. The Seahawks, for example, have three levels of homefield advantage: The 12’s, which distorts playart; Unstoppable, which prevents home team players from being knocked out of their X-Factor or Superstar ability, and Nerves, which will result in receiver icons being hidden. Homefield advantage also varies from team to team, with stamina being an issue in Denver, and kicking meters going awry in Chicago (cue visions of the infamous Double Doink).

That sounds pretty cool. We’re a bit away from actual gameplay footage to show how this works in practice but since Seattle was used as an example, I hope they’re the focus of any new video in the coming weeks.

Here’s the trailer for Madden NFL 22, which has already experienced a heavy set of downvotes.