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Seahawks set to play 2021 at full capacity

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The COVID pandemic has had a massive impact on nearly every facet of life for more than a year, however as vaccination rates rise and case counts plummet, a return to normalcy is in the works. Of course some places are returning to normal faster than others, and there are still places where case counts remain elevated. However, for the Seattle Seahawks 2021 should feel a lot more like normal when playing at home.

One of the key questions, of course, is whether or not vaccination will be required in order to attend the games, and that answer is no. However, those fans who have not been vaccinated and wish to attend the game are required to wear a mask. That said, the use of the word required will likely be interpreted very loosely by most observers, as the teams indicates it has no intention to require fans to prove their vaccination status.

So, barring the unexpected, the Seahawks should get their home field advantage back this season.