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NFL clears way for Seahawks throwback unis to return in 2022

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks - September 17, 2000 Photo by Tami Tomsic/Getty Images

It has been almost exactly 20 years since the Seattle Seahawks wore this uniform:

Miami Dolphins vs. Seattle Seahawks - October 28, 2001 Photo by Tami Tomsic/Getty Images

Well they won’t be wearing it in the 2021 season but the option is available as an alternate uni in 2022. The NFL announced on Thursday that the one-helmet policy is soon to be gone, which was the holdup for the Seahawks not being able to wear the throwbacks.

From Pro Football Talk:

Player safety was the primary reason the NFL previously told teams to stop using alternate helmets: Teams wanted every player to have one helmet that fit him properly, and not to alter it during the season. But the new policy addresses those concerns by requiring teams to have a new set of alternate helmets for every player on the roster, to ensure that all alternate helmets are the same make, model and size as the player’s primary helmet, and by requiring players to get fitted for both their primary and alternate helmets at the same time in training camp.

When Seattle was in the AFC they had those silver colored helmets that you see in the photos above, and since then they’ve switched to blue. The Seahawks’ most notable alternate uniform is the Action Green, which they’ve yet to lose in in five years of the league’s ‘Color Rush’ theme.

But for longtime Seahawks fans and those who like nostalgia, next year may finally produce some vintage unis.