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Seahawks Flashback: ‘Mudbone’ shakes off sack on final play to lead Seattle past Kansas City

This game is notable for a certain NFL record, and most folks forget that Seattle actually won ...

Seattle Seahawks vs Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Tim DeFrisco/Allsport/Getty Images

Maybe it was the heat ... Maybe it was seeing a Ring of Honor member’s image grace the FieldGulls “Pre-Snap Reads” article last Friday ... Maybe it was a little both of both. Whatever the reason, I found myself feeling nostalgic and decided to revisit some memorable performances from what has to be one of the most improbable careers in NFL history.


Dave Krieg, affectionately known as “Mudbone” ...

I’ll be honest - I do not have the words to fully or properly articulate what that man meant to me growing up.

I was 10 when Seattle signed him - as “a favor” to his college coach. I remember reading an article about how flying to Seattle was the first time he had ever been on a plane - and wondering what that must have been like.

Dave Krieg was under center the first time I saw a Seahawks game in person.

Some of my best friendships were created during “spirited discussions” between teenage boys about how good #17 was (or wasn’t - depending on your view).

Krieg was the first professional athlete I ever met face-to-face. He sat next to me at restaurant a couple days after I had broken up with my first girlfriend. (No, we didn’t talk about that.)

I have nothing but positive memories and kind words when it comes to the man.

But that’s not what today’s article is about.

Today’s article is about grit ... about overcoming adversity ... about staring your demons square in the eye and finding a way to prevail.

Today’s article is about THIS GAME.


Click the link!

Watch the video - it’s a little under 13 minutes long.

Come back when you’re done.

We’ll wait.


Derrick Thomas sacked Dave Krieg an NFL-record seven times in that game.

Kansas City put him on his ass a total of nine times.

Krieg - and the team in general - struggled throughout the game.

Seattle put the ball on the ground four times. Kansas City picked it up twice. Once in the end zone, staking them to a 16-10 lead.

For what seemed like an eternity, that 16-10 lead looked like it would be the final score.

It almost was.

Seattle finally got a break, getting the ball back with about a minute left ... 68 yards from the end zone and without any timeouts left.

Krieg ...

Dude just epitomizes “grit.”

Watch the final drive. Watch the final play.

Derrick Thomas had Krieg dead to rights - arms around his waist, 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage ...

Somehow Krieg escapes.

Then he composes himself and fires a pass into the end zone to Paul Skansi.

It was one of the most beautiful passes I had ever seen - and, to this day, it remains one of the most magical moments I have ever witnessed.

Finding and re-watching the highlights from that game was definitely a nice way to forget about the heat for a little while.

Thought I’d share.