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A rising NFL star receiver is getting some pointers from Doug Baldwin

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Doug Baldwin remains a fascinating dude. He remains vocal in more than a few circles, offers plenty of insight into the tensions of current culture, and talks a ton of NBA online.

He’s also strangely supportive of many football things that aren’t the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s worth noting that “Terry McLaurin or DK Metcalf” has been a significant NFL conversation, as both have gotten off to terrific starts. Neither one was a first-round draft pick and have both become stars in their own right.

Baldwin played his entire professional career for the team that un-drafted him in Seattle. Yet, his organizational loyalty has often been much stronger in other places, like alma mater Stanford.

Nobody’s going to try and argue that Baldwin needs to be a diehard Seahawk supporter for life. He’s retired, he’s got his own ambitions, and intentional avenues he wants to use his voice.

But it’s undeniable that virtually all of the current and former players Baldwin does support are from the Legion of Boom years.

Back to the Terry McLaurin thing, this does not present itself at all like Baldwin has gone out of his way to find Seattle opponents and coach them up. He’s not a traitor. In this instance, both he and McLaurin have had the same agent, and were connected through other means.

Still, I’m sure it’s an organization’s dream to have somebody as successful as Doug Baldwin coaching their young upcoming receivers. It’s just a bit sour that we have to read it’s for the unnamed Washington team, as opposed to the team in Washington with a real name, and guys like DK Metcalf or even Freddie Swain and D’Wayne Eskridge.

DK Metcalf and Terry McLaurin will be on the field against each other on November 29th for a Monday Night matchup.