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A random observation about the NFL’s top contracts

In this photo illustration, an NFL (National Football League... Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

As June came to end, a report trickled across my computer monitor: Saints sign RT Ryan Ramczyk to record extension (I’m paraphrasing the headline).

I thought, “Meh, why do I care?”

After all, aside from the fact that us 12s are officially / unofficially / semi-officially (?) on “the Jamal Adams watch” in anticipation of what is expected to be another record contract ... what the Saints chose to do with one of their offensive linemen really didn’t move the needle for me, interest-wise.

Then, about 5 minutes later, I got curious.

I’m not going to tell what I was curious about yet though ... in part, because I’m curious if anyone else will notice what I did once I allowed myself to indulge my curiosity.

The NFL’s top contracts, by position

Based solely on their average annual value / average per year (APY), here are the NFL’s top contracts, by position, as of June 30th.

Note: Numbers are from OTC. Ramczyk’s contract details aren’t on the site yet, but we know the overall terms so he is included on this list.

Top Offensive Contracts


Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

$45M APY | 10 years, $450M


Running Back

Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers

$16M APY | 4 years, $64M

* Note: Overthecap officially lists his APY at $16,015,853 and the total value of his contract at $64,063,412.



Kyle Juszczyk, San Francisco 49ers

$5.4M APY | 5 years, $27M


Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals

$27.25M APY | 2 years, $54.5M


Tight End

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers

$15M APY | 5 years, $75M


Left Tackle

Trent Williams, San Francisco 49ers

$23,010,000 APY | 6 years, $138.1M

* Note: The $10,000 matters; the PackersDavid Bakhtiari is #2 at an even $23M APY.


Right Tackle

Ryan Ramczyk, New Orleans Saints

$19.2M APY | 5 years, $96M


Left Guard

Joe Thuney, Kansas City Chiefs

$16M APY | 5 years, $80M


Right Guard

Brandon Scherff, Washington Football Team

$18,036,000 APY | Franchise tag

* Note: Brandon Brooks is currently #2 with an APY of $14.05M; Scherff should be #1 even if he signs an extension with an APY lower than the tag amount.



Frank Ragnow, Detroit Lions

$13.5M APY | 4 years, $54M



Top Defensive Contracts

Defensive Tackle / Interior Defensive Line

Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams

$22.5M APY | 6 years, $135M


Defensive End / EDGE

Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers

$27M APY | 5 years, $135M



Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks

$18M APY | 3 years, $54M



Jalen Ramsey, Los Angeles Rams

$20M APY | 5 years, $100M



Justin Simmons, Denver Broncos

$15.25M APY | 4 years, $61M

* Note: Simmons was franchise-tagged twice before signing this deal.



Top Special Teams Contracts


Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

$5M APY | 4 years, $20M



Johnny Hekker, Los Angeles Rams

$3.75M APY | 5 years, $18.75M


Long Snapper

Reid Ferguson, Buffalo Bills

$1,333,333 APY | 3 years, $4M

One more for the tie

Did anyone else notice how many of the top contracts belong to NFC West teams?

On offense, it’s 4 of the 10.

  • San Francisco fullback Kyle Juszczyk
  • Arizona wideout DeAndre Hopkins
  • SF tight end George Kittle
  • 9ers LT Trent Williams


On defense, it’s 3 of the 5 - and should soon be 4 of the 5 once Jamal Adams signs the extension that we’re (almost) all expecting.

  • Rams DT (slash Seahawks nemesis) Aaron Donald
  • Seattle linebacker (slash QB-D) Bobby Wagner
  • LAR cornerback Jalen Ramsey


On special team, it’s 1 of the 3 - Rams punter Johnny Hekker

Add it all up and 8 of the 18 highest contracts by position belong to players on NFC West teams. WOW!

To put that in perspective, here is the breakdown by division:

  • NFC West: 8
  • AFC West: 4
  • NFC South: 2
  • AFC East: 1
  • AFC North: 1
  • NFC East: 1
  • NFC North: 1
  • AFC South: 0


By conference, the totals are:

  • NFC: 12
  • AFC: 6


And, again, the Jamal Adams contract is (almost certainly) going to tilt the equation even further toward the NFC West.

In fact, if everything else remains the same, Adams topping the safety market would make it a 50/50 split with the NFC West on one side and every other division on the other side.

That is INSANE!

And also very likely to (maybe probably) happen.


Enjoy the rest of your day!

Go ‘Hawks!