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Seattle Seahawks Originals - Where are they now?

Looking around the league for players that started their careers with the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

I recently wrote an article that asked the question, “Where do football players come from?

(Answer: Mostly our own backyards ... and Jacksonville.)

In the Comments section, laphroaig said:

Where do former Seahawks go, if not to an NFCW rival? (I’m sure Frank intends to answer that question in part 21 of this series.)

I chuckled and pointed out that the series was focused on players that were on the NFC West rosters, not players that weren’t.

Then, a day or two later ... Tabby72 ventured a guess:

Without doing the research and completely off the top of my head I think this year it is the Jags and Panthers.

Well, hell ...

I had to know if that was right.

On one hand, it seemed like a reasonable guess since 4 of our 2021 free agents ended up with those 2 teams. But I knew that only 2 of the 4 were Seattle Originals.

So I did the legwork to determine how many players who started their NFL career in Seattle were on the Jacksonville and Carolina rosters.

The answers were 1 and 3.

* Jacksonville: 1 - Shaquille Griffin (2017, R3.90)
* Carolina: 3 - David Moore (2018, R7.226), Stephen Sullivan (2020, R7.251), and ... Delano Hill (2017, R3.95)


Obviously the Jacksonville guess was off, but what about Carolina? Three seemed like it could be the high-point for Seattle Originals league-wide ... but was it?

There are A LOT of players in the league

With an itch to scratch, I sat down on the afternoon of July 5th and dug through the profiles of all 2,872 players that were on an NFL roster that day (per OTC).

About 9 hours later, I had my answer.


As of 7/5/2021, there were 20 teams outside the NFC West that had at least one Seattle Original on their roster.

And ...

The most on any given team was, in fact, THREE.

But it wasn’t just Carolina that had 3 Seattle Originals; it was also the Colts, the Texans, the Bills, and both of last season’s Super Bowl teams - the Chiefs and the Buccaneers.

Four teams had a pair of Seattle Originals: Cleveland, Philly, Vegas, and Washington.

There are also Seattle Originals on the rosters of the Bears, Broncos, Cowboys, Dolphins, Jets, Lions, Saints, Steelers, and Vikings. Plus the Jaguars, of course.


I’m guessing you’d like to see the list ...

Bears: Germain Ifedi
Bills: Brandin Bryant, Nazair Jones, Tyrell Adams
Broncos: Amara Darboh
Browns: Malcolm Smith, Malik McDowell
Buccaneers: C.J. Prosise, Cyril Grayson, Troymaine Pope
Chiefs: Anthony Gordon, Frank Clark, Jarran Reed
Colts: Gary Jennings Jr., Joey Hunt, Mark Glowinski
Cowboys: Malik Turner
Dolphins: Jesse Davis
Eagles: Alex Singleton, T.Y. McGill
Jaguars: Shaquill Griffin
Jets: George Fant
Lions: Darren Fells
Panthers: David Moore, Delano Hill, Stephen Sullivan
Raiders: Caleb Scott, Quinton Jefferson
Saints: Nick Vannett
Steelers: Casius Marsh (plus Demarcus Christmas on IR)
Texans: Jacob Martin, Justin Britt, Kevin Pierre-Louis
Vikings: Tye Smith
Washington: Chris Miller, Tyrone Swoopes

Any names on there you’d forgotten about (and/or assumed were out of the league by this point)?

Add it up

There were a total of 36 Seattle Originals on rosters league-wide as of July 5th.

And another 55 on Seattle’s roster.

Add it up and you could fill an entire 90-man roster (91-man, actually) with players who started their careers in Seattle.

Which, from a statistical standpoint, makes sense. Right?

But ...

The # in San Francisco is 87 --- 47 on their roster + 40 on other rosters league-wide.

In Arizona, the number is 83 (42 + 41).

And down in L.A., the Rams’ number is ... 111.

Yep. One hundred eleven. Sixty-seven on their own roster + 44 on other rosters league-wide.

Note: I did not crunch the numbers enough to determine if that’s a league-high - at least not yet, but it outpaces the rest of the NFC West by a significant margin.


As a division, that gives us 372 players on current rosters (as of 7/5) that started their NFL careers in the NFC West: 91 Seattle Originals + 111 LAR-Os + 83 AZ-Os + 87 Nine-Os.


With 2,872 players on rosters league-wide, that means 12.95% started their NFL careers in the NFC West ... which is slightly higher than what one might statistically expect (1/8 would be 12.5% which would be 359 players).

FTR’s Takeaways

For those that are interested, there will be some tables in the “Bonus Coverage” section at the end of this article for you to look at and play with. In the meantime, here is what I found interesting about the data ...

  • The NFC West is the only division without any Seattle Originals on at least two rosters. We have some on ours, obviously --- but none of our division rivals do.

  • The NFC North had the fewest NFC West Originals on their rosters with 13. That number matches the NFC West’s total (excluding NFC West players who are on the roster of their original team, of course).

  • The AFC South leads all divisions with 28 players who started their NFL journey in the NFC West. Other divisions with 20+ are the NFC East (26), AFC East (24), NFC South (21), and AFC West (20).

  • The Colts and the Texans have the most players who started their careers in the NFC West with 9 apiece. The Buccaneers and the Raiders each have 8. Six teams have 7.

  • The Chargers are the only team league-wide with zero players who started their NFL career in the NFC West.


Anything else y’all want to pull from the data is up to you.

The “All-Seattle Originals” 2021 Offseason Roster

Having satisfied my curiosity about the number of Seattle Originals in the league (and where they were), my mind shifted gears ...

NEW QUESTION: What Seattle’s roster would look like if all 91 Seattle Originals were on it (and if there were no players who started their NFL career with another team)?


Let’s start with the offense ...

Quarterback (3)

  • Alex McGough (2018, R7.220)
  • Anthony Gordon (2020, UDFA)
  • Russell Wilson (2012, R3.75)


Running Backs + Fullbacks (8)

  • Alex Collins (2016, R5.171)
  • C.J. Prosise (2016, R3.90)
  • Chris Carson (2017, R7.249)
  • DeeJay Dallas (2020, R4.144)
  • Josh Johnson (2021, UDFA)
  • Rashaad Penny (2018, R1.27)
  • Travis Homer (2019, R6.204)
  • Troymaine Pope (2016, UDFA)


Wide Receivers (15)

  • Aaron Fuller (2020, UDFA)
  • Amara Darboh (2017, R3.106)
  • Cade Johnson (2021, UDFA)
  • Caleb Scott (2018, UDFA)
  • Connor Wedington (2021, UDFA)
  • Cyril Grayson (2017, UDFA)
  • D.K. Metcalf (2019, R2.64)
  • D’Wayne Eskridge (2021, R2.56)
  • David Moore (2018, R7.226)
  • Freddie Swain (2020, R6.214)
  • Gary Jennings Jr. (2019, R4.120)
  • John Ursua (2019, R7.236)
  • Malik Turner (2018, UDFA)
  • Travis Toivonen (2021, UDFA)
  • Tyler Lockett (2015, R3.69)


Tight Ends (8)

  • Colby Parkinson (2020, R4.133)
  • Darren Fells (2013, UDFA)
  • Dominick Wood-Anderson (2020, UDFA)
  • Nick Vannett (2016, R3.94)
  • Stephen Sullivan (2020, R7.251)
  • Tyler Mabry (2020, UDFA)
  • Tyrone Swoopes (2017, UDFA)
  • Will Dissly (2018, R4.120)


Offensive Tackles (5)

  • George Fant (2016, UDFA)
  • Jamarco Jones (2018, R5.168)
  • Jesse Davis (2015, UDFA)
  • Stone Forsythe (2021, R6.208)
  • Tommy Champion (2020, UDFA)


Guards (8)

  • Damien Lewis (2020, R3.69)
  • Germain Ifedi (2016, R1.31) - drafted as a Tackle; moved to Guard
  • Greg Eiland (2021, UDFA)
  • Jake Curhan (2021, UDFA)
  • Jared Hocker (2021, UDFA)
  • Mark Glowinski (2015, R4.134)
  • Phil Haynes (2019, R4.124)
  • Pier-Olivier Lestage (2021, UDFA)


Centers (4)

  • Brad Lundblade (2018, UDFA)
  • Ethan Pocic (2017, R2.58)
  • Joey Hunt (2016, R6.215)
  • Justin Britt (2014, R2.64)


That’s 51 offensive players in all. Twenty of whom were undrafted.


And here’s what the defense would look like ...

Defensive Tackles (10)

  • Brandin Bryant (2016, UDFA)
  • Bryan Mone (2019, UDFA)
  • Cedrick Lattimore (2020, UDFA)
  • Jarran Reed (2016, R2.49)
  • Jarrod Hewitt (2021, UDFA)
  • Malik McDowell (2017, R2.35)
  • Nazair Jones (2017, R3.102)
  • Poona Ford (2018, UDFA)
  • Quinton Jefferson (2016, R5.147)
  • T.Y. McGill (2015, UDFA)


Defensive Ends (8)

  • Alton Robinson (2020, R5.148)
  • Benson Mayowa (2013, UDFA)
  • Casius Marsh (2014, R4.108)
  • Darrell Taylor (2020, R2.48)
  • Frank Clark (2015, R2.63)
  • Jacob Martin (2018, R6.186)
  • L.J. Collier (2019, R1.29)
  • Rasheem Green (2019, R4.132)


Linebackers (10)

  • Aaron Donkor (2021, UDFA)
  • Alex Singleton (2015, UDFA)
  • Ben Burr-Kirven (2019, R5.142)
  • Bobby Wagner (2012, R2.47)
  • Cody Barton (2019, R3.88)
  • Jon Rhattigan (2021, UDFA)
  • Jordyn Brooks (2020, R1.27)
  • Kevin Pierre-Louis (2014, R4.132)
  • Malcolm Smith (2011, R7.242)
  • Tyrell Adams (2015, UDFA)


Cornerbacks (7)

  • Bryan Mills (2021, UDFA)
  • Gavin Heslop (2020, UDFA)
  • Shaquill Griffin (2017, R3.90)
  • Tre Brown (2020, R4.137)
  • Tre Flowers (2018, R5.146)
  • Tye Smith (2017, UDFA)
  • Ugo Amadi (2019, R4.132)


Safeties (4)

  • Aashari Crosswell (2021, UDFA)
  • Chris Miller (2020, UDFA)
  • Delano Hill (2017, R3.95)
  • Marquise Blair (2019, R2.47)


That’s 39 defensive players, 16 undrafted.

That gives us 90 to this point.


Last, but certainly not least ... special teams.

  • P Michael Dickson (2018, R5.149)


Plus, one more player on IR ...

  • IDL Demarcus Christmas (2019, R6.209)

Roster Takeaways

So ... what do y’all think? How does the All-Seattle Originals roster compare to our current one? Is there anything that “jumped off the page”?

For me, the biggest takeaway is that Pete Carroll would have to be willing to let Michael Dickson drop-kick some field goals and the Hawks would have to go for 2 after every touchdown because ... we ain’t got no kicker.

Go Hawks!

“Bonus Coverage”

As promised, here are some tables for y’all to look at and/or play with.

Note: For those that are interested, the bonus “Bonus Coverage” section that follows this will provide the “Originals” rosters for the rest of our division.

Table 1: NFC West Originals by Team

Table 2: Team Composition - NFC

Table 3: Team Composition - AFC

Table 4: Division Composition

Bonus “Bonus Coverage”

Here are players that are currently on NFL rosters (as of 7/5) who started their careers with one of our division rivals.

Whose “Originals Roster” would you pick as the best one ... OURS ... or one of these?


Nine-Os, league-wide (87)

  • Quarterbacks (4): C.J.Beathard, Jeff Driskel, Nick Mullens, Trey Lance
  • Running Backs and Full backs (10): Austin Walter, Carlos Hyde, Elijah Mitchell, JaMycal Hasty, Jeff Wilson, Josh Hokit, Matt Breida, Mike Davis, Salvon Ahmed, Trey Sermon
  • Wide Receivers (11): Austin Watkins, Brandon Aiyuk, Chris Finke, Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, Jauan Jennings, Kendrick Bourne, Richie James, Trent Taylor, Victor Bolden
  • Tight Ends (7): Blake Bell, Charlie Woerner, Cole Hikutini, George Kittle, Josh Pederson, Kaden Smith, Ross Dwelley
  • Tackles (5) : Alfredo Gutierrez, Colton McKivitz, Jaylon Moore, Mike McGlinchey, Trent Brown
  • Guards (5): Aaron Banks, Coleman Shelton, Kenny Wiggins, Marcus Martin, Patrick Omameh
  • Centers (0): none
  • Defensive Tackles (9): D.J. Jones, Darrion Daniels, DeForest Buckner, Javon Kinlaw, Kevin Givens, Mike Purcell, Najee Toran, Niles Scott, Solomon Thomas
  • Defensive Ends (7): Aldon Smith, Arik Armstead, Jamell Garcia-Williams, Kentavious Street, Nick Bosa, Pita Taumoepenu, Ronald Blair
  • Linebackers (7): Azeez Al-Shaair, Dre Greenlaw, Elijah Sullivan, Fred Warner, Jonas Griffith, Justin Hilliard, Wynton McManis
  • Cornerbacks (10): Ahkello Witherspoon, Alex Brown, Ambry Thomas, D.J. Reed, DeMarkus Acy, Deommodore Lenoir, Dontae Johnson, Emmanuel Moseley, Rashard Robinson, Tim Harris
  • Safeties (9): Adrian Colbert, Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, Jaquiski Tartt, Jared Mayden, Jimmie Ward, Marcell Harris, Talanoa Hufanga, Tarvarius Moore, Will Redmond
  • Specialists (3): Andy Lee (P), Bradley Pinion (P), Mitch Wishnowsky (P)


AZ-Os, league-wide (83)

  • Quarterbacks (3): Chris Streveler, Josh Rosen, Kyler Murray
  • Running Backs and Full backs (4): Chase Edmonds, Elijhaa Penny, Eno Benjamin, Jonathan Ward
  • Wide Receivers (13): A.J. Richardson, Andre Roberts, Andy Isabella, Chad Williams, Christian Kirk, David Johnson, Hakeem Butler, J.J. Nelson, John Brown, JoJo Ward, KeeSean Johnson, Rondale Moore, Trent Sherfield
  • Tight Ends (8): Andrew Vollert, Bernhard Seikovits, Bruno Labelle, Caleb Wilson, Cary Angeline, Logan Thomas, Ricky Seals-Jones, Ryan Becker
  • Tackles (8): Bobby Massie, D.J. Humphries, Jake Benzinger, Josh Jones, Joshua Miles, Korey Cunningham, Will Holden, William Sweet
  • Guards (3): Cole Toner, Senio Kelemete, Steven Gonzalez
  • Centers (3): Lamont Gaillard, Mason Cole, Michal Menet
  • Defensive Tackles (9): Calais Campbell, Cameron Murray, Leki Fotu, Michael Dogbe, Rashard Lawrence, Robert Nkemdiche, T.J. Carter, Xavier Williams, Zach Allen
  • Defensive Ends (4): Dennis Gardeck, Haason Reddick, Markus Golden, Victor Dimukeje
  • Linebackers (6): Evan Weaver, Isaiah Simmons, Kevin Minter, Reggie Walker, Zaven Collins, Zeke Turner
  • Cornerbacks (11): Bryon Murphy, Jace Whittaker, Jarren Williams, Justin Bethell, Lorenzo Burns, Marco Wilson, Nate Brooks, Patrick Peterson, Tavierre Thomas, Tay Gowan, Zane Lewis
  • Safeties (10): Budda Baker, Deionte Thompson, Jalen Thompson, James Wiggins, Jonathan Owens, Marqui Christian, Matthias Farley, Rudy Ford, Tony Jefferson, Tyrann Mathieu
  • Specialists (1): Kameron Canaday (LS)


LAR-Os, league-wide (111)

  • Quarterbacks (4): Bryce Perkins, Garrett Gilbert, Jared Goff, Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Running Backs and Full backs (7): Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson, Jake Funk, John Kelly, Malcolm Brown, Otis Anderson, Xavier Jones
  • Wide Receivers (20): Alex Bachman, Bennett Skowronek, Codey McElroy, Cooper Kupp, Diontae Spencer, Duke Williams, Easop WInston, J.J. Koski, Jacob Harris, Jeremiah Haydel, Josh Reynolds, KhaDarel Hodge, Lamarcus Joyner, Landen Akers, Mike Thomas, Nsimba Webster, Pharoh Cooper, Trishton Jackson, Tutu Atwell, Van Jefferson
  • Tight Ends (6): Brycen Hopkins, Gerald Everett, Johnny Mundt, Kendall Blanton, Temarrick Heminway, Tyler Higbee
  • Tackles (7): Alaric Jackson, Bobby Evans, Joseph Noteboom, Matt Kaskey, Max Pircher, Rob Havenstein, Tremayne Anchrum
  • Guards (7): Chandler Brewer, David Edwards, Jamil Demby, Michael Dunn, Jake Eldrenkamp, Richie Incognito, Roger Saffold
  • Centers (3): Brian Allen, Cohl Cabral, Jordan Meredith
  • Defensive Tackles (14): Aaron Donald, Bobby Brown III, Eric Banks, George Silvanic, Greg Gaines, John Franklin-Myers, Jonah Williams, Marquise Copeland, Michael Brockers, Michael Hoecht, Morgan Fox, Sam Renner, Sebastian Joseph, Tanzel Smart
  • Defensive Ends (8): Chris Garrett, Earnest Brown IV, Justin Lawler, Max Roberts, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Robert Quinn, Samson Ebukam, Terrell Lewis
  • Linebackers (10): Christian Rozeboom, Clay Johnston, Corey Littleton, Dakota Allen, Derrick Moncrief, Ernest Jones, Micah Kiser, Tegray Scales, Travin Howard, Troy Reeder (plus Natrez Patrick on IR)
  • Cornerbacks (6): Brontae Harris, David Long, Dayan Lake, Janoris Jenkins, Robert Rochell, Winston Rose
  • Safeties (14): Cody Davis, Jake Gervase, John Johnson, Jordan Fuller, Jovan Grant, JuJu Hughes, Nate Holley, Nick Scott, Paris Ford, Rodney McLeod, Steven Parker, Taylor Rapp, Terrell Burgess, Troy Warner
  • Specialists (5): Austin MacGinnis (K), Greg Zuerlein (K), Jake McQuaide (LS), Johnny Hekker (P), Sam Sloman (K)

Note: I had completely forgotten that FitzMagic got his start with the Rams --- 2005 NFL Draft, Round 7, #250 overall. 16 years and still going ...

One more table for those that made it all the way to the end ...

Table 5: NFC West Originals on NFL Rosters, by Position (as of 7/5/2021)