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Video: DK Metcalf hilariously strikes out in MLB Celebrity Softball Game

MLB: All-Star Celebrity Softball Game Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

BREAKING: DK Metcalf is human.

The superstar Seattle Seahawks wide receiver impressed everyone with his 10.36 clocking in the 100 meter dash earlier this year, and he’s not been shy to show off his basketball skills either.

But in softball? Well there are limits even for him.

At Monday’s MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game in Denver, Metcalf was up at-bat against rap star Quavo of the group Migos, and uh... it didn’t go very well. Part of me was cringing thinking he was going to swing his shoulder out as if he was meant for the Home Run Derby, but the rest was just me laughing because for once, he looked like many of us if put in a similar situation.

DK struck out and probably had Quavo feeling like prime Greg Maddux. But that feeling was short-lived as YouTuber, singer, and actress JoJo Siwa got a double off of him in the next at-bat.

It’s okay, DK. I once whiffed playing T-ball in elementary school... but if you put me on a dodgeball court then suddenly I turn into a competent athlete!

Anyway, training camp is in two weeks and we’ll soon be seeing Metcalf doing what he does best on the gridiron.