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Russell Wilson dips a couple of spots in ESPN’s annual league personnel survey

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight year, ESPN released their top 10 NFL rankings for each position. However, it is not created or voted on by ESPN writers or personalties, rather a survey of over 50 league executives, coaches, and players.

Last year the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson came in 2nd in the quarterback poll behind only Patrick Mahomes, who has been ranked first now in back-to-back years. This year Wilson fell down to 4th, with Rodgers (2nd) and Brady (3rd) jumping in front of him. Last season’s MVP and Super Bowl MVP were ranked 3rd and 7th respectively in last years rankings.

Some of the quotes from the league personnel who voted included:

“First however many games, you were saying he’s best in the league,” said a veteran NFL offensive player. “But when you rely so much on the off-schedule stuff, that’s where you can get into the interceptions.”

“He’ll have easier throws to make and won’t have to be the hero as much,” an NFL coordinator said. “I think the main thing is he just has to get rid of the ball faster. If he does that, he should have a good year.”

“There’s something going on there,” said a high-ranking NFL official. “I just don’t get the sense they are sold on him long-term.”

Of the 50+ voters, Wilson’s highest ranking was 2nd and his lowest was 9th. ESPN releases the rankings from the same group of league personnel for running backs on July 13th, and then for wide receivers on July 14th. Both will be interesting considering the Seahawks’ talent at those positions. In what has been ranked thus far, the only other Seahawks to appear have been Bobby Wagner at 3rd for interior linebackers, and Jamal Adams at 4th for safeties.