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A quick update on the Richard Sherman situation after first court appearance

Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle Seahawks

Reports broke early Wednesday that former Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman had been arrested, and many fans were rightfully shocked. Through the day more and more information trickled in regarding the situation and what led up to Sherman’s arrest. All of that was largely summarized by Field Gulls own Mookie Alexander Wednesday evening, and with Sherman’s first court date now concluded, there is a lot that has changed.

The biggest thing, of course, regarding the situation was that Sherman was arrested and booked (not charged) on a burglary domestic violence charge that was being investigated as a felony. However, with the benefit of a day to have sorted through the facts of the case, the King County prosecutor has charged Sherman with four misdemeanors.

In addition, as expected, bail was granted and Sherman has been released.

Obviously, football is likely to be low on the list of priorities for Sherman going forward, as his mental and physical health are far more important at this time.