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Casual Friday: Cutting (or not cutting) the cord

Roku Inc. CEO Anthony Wood Unveils New Streaming Devices

Welcome to another installment of Casual Friday, a series where we can veer off-topic away from Seattle Seahawks discussion and towards just general life things. This will run for the rest of July and then it’s training camp coverage time.

Today’s topic has to do with streaming.

Legal streaming.

Consuming television as we knew it continues to evolve beyond the traditional mold of cable/satellite companies. Now you can watch your favorite TV programs on your own time through a variety of streaming services, and those same services now offer live programming to further entice you to cut the cord.

I’ve left traditional television in the dust and don’t really plan to look back. It’s too damn expensive and I only watch a handful of channels to begin with. Hulu has been a solid service to me as someone who has to cover sports live, and their library is expansive and filled with a bunch of programming that I do watch.

Now truth be told with the streaming “revolution” if you will... I don’t know how much longer this will last before the costs to subscribe to multiple services — Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+ just to name a few — is more costly than retaining a regular cable/satellite package. ESPN+ just upped its monthly subscription another dollar and the fact that Hulu added NFL Network and RedZone tells me another hike is coming.

But the biggest benefit to cord cutting in my opinion is the greater ease of cancellation. No need (for now) to worry about a termination fee or returning equipment. I just click a button and if I want to re-subscribe I can. It really all depends on what you want and prefer to see.

So fellow Field Gull-ers: Have you cut the cord yet? And if so what streaming services have you got? Many of you live outside the USA so I’d also be fascinated to know if we have any international cord cutters and what their countries provide.