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CBS Sports ranks Seahawks’ roster as worst in the NFC West

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

CBS Sports NFL columnist Jordan Dajani released his rankings of all 32 NFL rosters in terms of talent heading into training camp. Predictably last year’s Super Bowl representatives the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs lead the way at numbers one and two, with the Cleveland Browns right behind them at third.

However, if you keep going down the list you will find that the Seattle Seahawks are nowhere to be found until you get to 18th. Not only are the Seahawks that low, but he ranks the rest of the NFC West starting with the Rams (4), then the Cardinals (11) and 49ers (16) all ahead of the Seahawks. In other words, Seattle has the weakest roster in the division in his opinion.

18. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson had quite an eventful offseason, but it looks like everything is OK for now. The offensive line didn’t receive a total facelift, but Gabe Jackson is a welcomed addition. The Seahawks again should have a good offense with Chris Carson, Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, but the defense is going to have to be better to compete in this division. They ranked No. 22 last year, but with stars like Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams, you can’t count them out. Still, I think they are lacking at cornerback and could take a step backwards in 2021. The Seahawks have some big names on roster, but they don’t always rise to the occasion or maintain the consistency that’s needed. Wilson is a great quarterback, but he can fade towards the end of the season and score just 12 total points against the No. 17 passing defense while Seattle allows players like Colt McCoy and Wayne Gallman to edge out a win against them. Keep an eye on pass-rusher Darrell Taylor, who missed his entire rookie season due to an injury suffered in college.

Of course, these are overall talent rankings, not power rankings, as Dajani himself describes it, “This is not a projection for how these teams will finish in 2021, this is a ranking of how the rosters/talent appears on paper entering this season.” However, if you're a Seahawks fan you have to feel hard done with a top QB, LB, Safety, and WR group and ending up at 18th.

The Seahawks are sandwiched in between the Saints at 17th and the Patriots at 19th. Some other surprising rankings are Washington at 8th, the Denver Broncos at 13th, and the Philadelphia Eagles at 28th. The bottom three in the league are unsurprising as it goes Jets, Lions, and then Texans from 30th to 32nd.