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Casual Friday: Where in the world is Field Gulls? (2021 edition)

Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

That’s right!

After the wild success that was Casual Friday last year, I’m bringing it back for the whole of July up until the first week of training camp. This is where Field Gulls can relax for a bit and converse with the community.

We all share a common bond in that we are Seattle Seahawks fans and have followed this team for varying lengths of time. But not everyone lives in Seattle and the Seahawks have quickly developed one of the more global fanbases in the league. The 2018 win over the Raiders in London may as well have been an extra Seahawks home game.

So for the second year running, I ask the question: Where the hell is everybody?

You don’t have to be heavily detailed as to where you are right now (e.g. you live in Western Washington but don’t specify which city) but feel free to chime in and we can get a clearer picture of just how much we span the world.

Nothing has changed for me since last year — I still live just west of Portland, Oregon and this is my fourth year living in this state. My longest time spent in any state was the Seattle area, where I moved just before the first NFC Championship season and left two days after the 58-0 thumping of the Arizona Cardinals.

Some of you who participated in last year’s thread (which is inaccessible for now since it was pre-Coral) may have moved cities or states or countries so consider it a blank slate.

Also as a bonus for our American audience: What you got on the menu for 4th of July?