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ESPN analyst says Seahawks have talent, system, and quarterback to win Super Bowl again

CORRECTION-AMFOOT-NFL-SUPER BOWL Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Former NFL Quarterback -slash- current ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky is an interesting fella who can sometimes be a bit “all over the place” (kind of like his NFL career). But there are often some kernels of wisdom that can be gleaned from what he says.

In a somewhat rambling video that was posted on ESPN on Tuesday, Mr. Orlovsky says something (near the end) that might pique the interest of the 12s.

The initial question was: “Will Russell Wilson ever win another Super Bowl?”

Short answer: “Yes.”

Mr. Orlovsky is not a short-answer man though.

After spending almost two full minutes running through basically every other quarterback that’s “in his way,” Mr. Orlovsky finally talks about Russell Wilson directly, and ...

What he says is pretty interesting.

“I actually think this year, they have his most talented football team offensively that he’s ever had. That’s going to be a good offense. I think the speed at the skill position-wise with the addition of Eskridge out of Western Michigan as a wide receiver is tremendous. Gerald Everett is going to be a huge addition at tight end. And the big thing for me offensively is they finally have a scheme that they don’t need to be so dependent on Russell being stupid good. Like they have a scheme that is going to allow Russell to just kind of play a little bit of pedestrian, boring quarterback at times. And then you could go be a star. We don’t need you to be a star for just for our offense to be functional, you can take this from really good to dominant offense. So I think they’ve got a really good football team this year. But I definitely see him winning a Super Bowl in the next eight to ten years.”

Personally, I love that statement - and not just because he both (a) used the phrase “stupid good,” and (b) implicitly gave Wilson “permission” to play “a bit of pedestrian, boring quarterback at times.”

I also like that he expects Russell Wilson to play for another 8 to 10 years, and ...

I honestly think he hit the nail on the head when he said (indirectly) that Seattle has needed a star quarterback just to have a functional offense the last few years. That’s some real talk right there!

Bottom line: Imagine if Shane Waldron’s “magic” offense really is MAGIC for the Seahawks.

I’m in! I am excited! How about you?

Go Hawks!

ESPN video: