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Jacob Eason time? Carson Wentz injury could have Seahawks facing Colts’ backup in Week 1

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks’ week one matchup against the Colts may look very different now, thanks to an apparent foot injury that Colts QB Carson Wentz came down with at the end of practice on Thursday.

Currently, the seriousness of Wentz’s injury is unknown, but he will sit out as he undergoes further testing. According to Michael Silver, Wentz’s injury involves both a bone and a ligament and surgery is possible.

Jacob Eason, who Seahawks fans may know as the Washington Huskies quarterback from two years ago, is now the Colts de-facto starter. Rookie quarterback Sam Ehlinger, who played for the Texas Longhorns in college, may be in the mix for the job as well.

The Seahawks, of course, were planning to travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to match up with Wentz in week one. While his Colts are significantly better than the Eagles teams of the past two years, it is worth noting that Seattle has gone 3-0 against Wentz-lead teams in the past two seasons, with all three wins coming on the road, and 5-0 overall.