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Casual Friday: Celebrity encounters

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Welcome to the second installment of Casual Friday for the 2021 offseason. We’ve got a few more of these before Seattle Seahawks training camp begins, but the point of Casual Friday is to let loose from Seahawks talk and chat about other things.

Some of us get star struck when we run into someone famous and others may not even know they’ve bumped into someone of great fame. Today’s topic is celebrity encounters!

My job has allowed me to interview many UFC/MMA athletes over the years, including Washington native and former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson, but all of those interviews were done over the phone. I’m not one to travel and go to press conferences or anything of that sort.

Back when I was about 10 years old my dad ran into the late Dennis Green at a Las Vegas supermarket, and I got to chat with Dennis for a few seconds on the phone. This was roughly two years before “The Bears are who we thought they were!” rant.

If you isolate it to face-to-face... well I really don’t have much for you. And almost all of my known memories are as an adolescent. I met former world boxing champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad as an elementary school student because his daughter went to the same school (but not the same teacher). Real chill dude who shouted me out on live TV as he was cornering a boxer on an ESPN card. Through mutual family friends I also met Skip Martin, formerly of The Dazz Band and Kool and the Gang. Some of the 1980s music fans may be familiar with this song:

Joan Jett also did some guest speaker appearance at my school but I was not on campus that day. Real missed opportunity to ask if she gave a damn about her reputation.

I’m sure the people of Field Gulls have far superior stories to mine. So go for it!