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An update on contract discussions with Jamal Adams and Duane Brown - or the lack thereof

Sometimes ignorance is bliss

NFL: SEP 29 Seahawks at Cardinals Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Monday, we had a non-update update regarding the Jamal Adams contract negotiations.

Today we have an update update.

Monday’s was better.


Tuesday night, around 5:30pm, the Seattle Times published a story that said, in part:

The two sides last week had come close to an agreement that would make Adams the highest-paid safety in the NFL. Talks then stalled over contract structure and guaranteed money. The two sides have not reengaged in discussions this week, sources said, and both sides appear dug in.

The fact that they “had come close” is new information.

Why the talks are currently stalled - that is also new information.

“Dug in” ... not surprising.

However ...

ESPN picked up the story a few hours later and expanded on it a bit.

While it’s clear that the Seahawks plan to extend the 25-year-old Adams, it’s not clear if they want to do the same with Brown, a 14th-year veteran who turns 36 later this month. The Seahawks are not discussing a new deal with Brown at the moment, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Coach Pete Carroll was vague Tuesday when asked if an extension for Brown is under discussion or off the table, saying, “Nothing new is happening with that at this point.”

Carroll said simply “no” when asked if there’s anything new with Adams.

Remember Saturday’s article about how Duane Brown was “not pleased” with the lack of an extension? It would seem that we now know why.

For what it’s worth, both articles pointed out that Russell Wilson is willing to restructure his contract to free up room to extend both players. And both articles also pointed out how unlikely that is to happen (for the same reasons that JPG has shared with us here on Field Gulls).

Honestly, I kind of think I liked it better when I didn’t know what was going on.

Or not going on.