Is Jamal Adams really worth what he thinks he is???

*This is a personal Opinion about Adams and no one else.

As someone who believes that a player should be more than efficient at his given spot before he takes on other responsibilities or becomes a "hybrid" player, I truly do not leave that he is a good enough strong safety in coverage. Furthermore, I think using someone from that position to play at the line and pass rush on most downs takes away a much needed position that is integral on our defense. We have at least three guys that can adequately play strong safety and our pass rushers are plentiful and more than competent. So, having the players we need to fill the positions that he does, I think overpaying for him is an extremely big mistake. We already threw away a bevy of draft picks to get him and his injury issues only compound on the fact that I think we should just tell him to screw off. We've already tossed away enough. Don't throw away anymore and instead use the money to extend Duane Brown.

So, what does everyone else think?

(And try not to be mean or passive aggressive in your responses. If you agree then tell me why and if you do not agree, also tell me why. Just don't be a prick about it)