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Cracking the top-20 most impactful Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Welcome back!

We’re still making our way through the potential impact of the players on the 2021 roster. As preseason games come, go, and do not matter, we’ll see crazy things like the best player on the field not make the roster. The following members of the team are guaranteed spots, and will have a significant role in how the team does this year.

Counting down the Seahawks with the most impact: numbers 53-46

Counting down the Seahawks with the most impact: No. 45-36

Counting down the Seahawks with the most impact: No. 35-26

Counting down the Seahawks with the most impact: No. 25-21

Most Impactful Seattle Seahawks, 2021-2022

19. Shane Waldron and Pete Carroll, Coaches

Ken Norton Jr. got his own spot on this list, I’m putting Waldron and Carroll together and much higher for obvious reasons. The demise of Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer last year came with a citing of “philosophical differences” and a few damning quotes. Most telling was Carroll’s indication that he had stepped in to adjust the offense himself in the second half of last year.

You know, the bad half.

Question one is what Waldron’s offense will look like, and how well it will work for Russell Wilson.

Question two, perhaps more important, is will Pete Carroll let it happen? What if Waldron’s philosophy contains within it a different approach to fourth downs?

18. Marquise Blair, defense

Hit. Some. Dudes.

Blair has three forced fumbles in 293 snaps. In 2018, Jamal Adams had three forced fumbles in 1119 snaps. It took Quandre Diggs three seasons to do it, over 1,731 snaps to get three forced fumbles.

At this moment I supposed Blair is the default strong safety as Adams isn’t currently playing. But his path to playtime seems like it will be primarily at nickel corner. I don’t care where it is; this guy has got to be on the field a lot. He is far and away the best at his type of playmaking on this roster.

Wherever Blair ends up, the more he plays, I believe the more impactful he will be.

17. Ahkello Witherspoon, corner

Presumed CB2 has been quiet during camp. Too quiet. Apart from his own reports that he’s worked on punching the ball loose, he’s not made a big splash positively or negatively. Which could be totally fine.

Tre Flowers, however, is doing that thing again whereby he does make a big splash in camp.

If Witherspoon does not take the second cornerback role, we’re back to fan-favorite starting CB2 Tre Flowers, which while not abysmal, is no picture of confidence.

Peg the second cornerback as most likely the weakest position on the defense. Either one of these guys will make a big difference this season because opposing will know this. Teams have absolutely picked on Tre Flowers in the past, and someone’s either gonna have to eat it or surprise us.

16. Jason Myers, kicker

Evidence submitted in the murder trial of the 2017 season, the people vs. Blair Walsh:

Yup, 29 field goals attempted and eight of them missed. Myers has made 35 in a row going back to 2019.

Having a trustworthy kicker is worth the millions.

15. Ethan Pocic, center

This is a big one. Huge now, that he’s missing so much time this summer. Recognized as the weakest member of this two-year upgrade project on offensive line, he’s not off to a great start. Now the team’s playing Phil Haynes at center, and one big problem stares the offense in the face.

If the Seahawks truly have one of the best guard duos in the NFL, it will be a huge miss if the center doesn’t allow for the run game to take off the way it should. Seattle plays Aaron Donald twice a year who tends not to care about who the left tackle is as much as running straight ahead full go.

If something bizarre happens like by season’s end PFF ranks four Seahawks linemen as above average, and the center gets an F, fans are going to have a hard time with Schneider not addressing this position.