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Tyler Lockett dealing with groin injury

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

We may have a situation on our hands. Tyler Lockett has another injury.

It’s absolutely bonkers that a player who has played in 95 out of 96 potential games, and missed zero starts for two consecutive seasons could be considered an injury concern. Yet Lockett’s approaching the point where he’s been through a lot. His broken leg from 2016 cost him significantly, as he’s openly admitted he lost a half step.

So what are we to think about his being injured and limited halfway through camp?

Anyone remember last season, how often Lockett was limited or absent from practice with that “resting vet” designation?

Lockett saw 132 targets in 2020, up from a career-high 110 in 2019 and miles ahead of any other point in his career.

There doesn’t seem to be any worry about production, as his efficiency numbers are still great. He and Russell Wilson have six years of confidence in doing stuff like this:

But I do wonder if we’ll see the Seahawks pull his use back from that lofty 132 number, if he’ll go and ball out like he always has, or if any of these mounting injuries become an issue this season.

Tyler Lockett will turn 29 in the first month of the season.