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Casual Friday: The Seahawks tailgating experience

NFC Championship Game: Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I know, right? I thought we were done with Casual Friday for the year!

But we aren’t. It’s my series, after all. And while typically we focus the topics away from the Seattle Seahawks, today will be an exception.

In non-pandemic circumstances, tailgating is commonplace for NFL and college football games from coast to coast. We might see some of it trickle back in with fans back for the 2021 season but that may vary by city. Some fanbases are more passionate about their tailgating... and we call them Buffalo Bills fans.

Now I must profess total ignorance when it comes to Seahawks tailgating. I don’t have any personal experience with tailgate culture, but that’s where you come in!

What are your gameday experiences before Seahawks home games? Any fancy setups? What’s on the menu, what’s on the playlist, and where are the best spots to tailgate in the city? What are some of the best tips so you aren’t wasting your time?

One thing I do know is that tailgating on literal Lumen Field property is forbidden, but that won’t dissuade the determined and savvy fan from finding an alternative!

Chat away! Be as expansive as you want.